On this page you will find the ambassadors of the One litre for one litre programme.
They convert the water savings or the consumption of their product, service or organisation
into just as many litres of clean drinking water in developing countries via Made Blue.
At the bottom of the page you will find the complete list in alphabetical order.

Share company

Share Company is an ambassador for Made Blue, a liter for a litre, and contributes 10% of every product sold in its webshop.

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Tennant Company

Tennant’s scrubber driers save a lot of water, which is converted into clean drinking water in developing countries through Made Blue.

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Bunzl is a wholesaler of disposables, packaging and much more. Together with Made Blue, Bunzl developed a filled, reusable bottle as a complimentary gift for hotels, for example.

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Cleaning company Care saves water for its customers with innovative cleaning techniques, and converts it into drinking water.

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Value Masters

Value Masters develop integrations and applications that are easy and beautiful to use. Every new order contributes to clean drinking water via Made Blue.

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Eurest Services

Eurest Services Tata Steel donates 4 litres of clean drinking water for every drink served. That is equal to the average water footprint of the drinks served.

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For every birthing pool sold or rented, Bevallingsbaden donates 650 litres of water to Made Blue – the same amount used during a birth.

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EZshine’s polycrystal floor cleaning pads can be used with water only to clean and shine the floors. This will reduce the dependence on harsh chemicals and water pollution in daily cleaning. With the…

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BioLab is an ambassador for clean drinking water via Made Blue and asks customers in the webshop to exchange a discount for a donation.

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PSS Group

Property Support Services UK Ltd provides commercial cleaning and soft facilities services. The water saved during cleaning is donated to Made Blue: for each site a minimum of a year’s worth of…

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In this programme you will determine the water savings or the water consumption of your product, service or organization and you balance this with the same amount of litres (or more) of clean drinking water in developing countries.

We ensure that the litres are guaranteed to be available and that you receive a certificate for this. We are happy to help you communicate about this!

The complete list

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