On this page you will find the ambassadors of the One litre for one litre programme.
They convert the water savings or the consumption of their product, service or organisation
into just as many litres of clean drinking water in developing countries via Made Blue.
At the bottom of the page you will find the complete list in alphabetical order.

Share company

Share Company is an ambassador for Made Blue, a liter for a litre, and contributes 10% of every product sold in its webshop.

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Blycolin is an international partner in linen service for the hospitality industry. Blycolin mirrors the water it uses directly in its own laundries.

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O2Life is a super refreshing drink made which added oxygen. O2Life makes sure that 5 litres of safe drinking water is provided for every bottle sold.

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CSS-Schoonmaak saves an average of 20 litres of water per cleaning hour and converts that into clean drinking water in developing countries.

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Art4Change makes art to make the world a little more beautiful. 5% of every item sold goes to clean drinking water via Made Blue.

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IZY Bottles

IZY Bottles supplies thermos flasks that you can also have printed or engraved. Every bottle sold provides 1000 times the content of clean drinking water.

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Kenter GmbH is the leading German distributor of cleaning technology with the common element that they save water and work without chemicals. The water saved is converted into the same number of…

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Small English

Small English is a visual arts & design studio with a webshop full of illustrated products. Each item sold provides 2000 litres of clean drinking water.

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Birth Pools

With every delivery pool sold or rented, Bevallingsbaden donates 650 liters of water to Made Blue, the same amount as is used during a birth.

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With the SmartWash, CWS provides a system for hand washing and disinfection in one. This saves a lot of water and converts it into clean drinking water in developing countries.

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In this programme you will determine the water savings or the water consumption of your product, service or organization and you balance this with the same amount of litres (or more) of clean drinking water in developing countries.

We ensure that the litres are guaranteed to be available and that you receive a certificate for this. We are happy to help you communicate about this!

Are you looking for all our ambassadors in the hospitality industry? Then look here where you can find us.