The Made Blue Foundation

We are the entrepreneurial charity Made Blue Foundation. Since our foundation at the end of 2014, we have already realized more than 15 billion litres of clean drinking water on behalf of more than 500 ambassadors.

We are a registered charity and work as transparant as possible.
We make as few costs as possible by working lean & mean.
An independent board monitors our policy.


Machiel van Dooren


Responsible for businesses and hotels

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Frank van der Tang


Responsible for communications and water projects

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Robin Pot


Responsible for finance

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Nick de Mink


Accountmanager for restaurants and offices

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Robbert Duin


Responsible for designs and branding

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Sara Mok


Responsible for social media and content

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In our annual report we provide full disclosure on all donations received and the way those means were spent.


The board of the Made Blue Foundation ensures that donations are spent correctly on time. The members receive no remuneration and we have consciously chosen the majority externally. They bring a lot of expertise in the field of CSR and transparency.

Tabitha Gerrets

Head of Sales and Business Development at Advance Insight

Advisor Kenya for Zero-Kap

Hester Apeldoorn

Founder HA Impact & Communication

Manager ONSbank Foundation

Frank van der Tang

Co-founder of Made Blue

Impact entrepreneur


33 Eurocents = 1,000 litres

We make a firm promise to our ambassadors: every donation of 33 cents provides 1,000 liters of clean drinking water in developing countries.

Of those 33 cents, 22 cents goes directly to our water projects. We use a maximum of 10% of this to monitor the projects in collaboration with Aqua for All, an expert in this field for years. This way we can be sure that our impact is lasting.

We are a charity, of course not for profit, but also independent of subsidies or donations from government agencies. That makes us completely independent.


We want to help create access to clean water for all, unfortunately that does not happen by itself. Part of the donation is therefor allocated as follows:

  • 3 cents for more attention to the importance of access to clean drinking water
  • 3 cents for initiating new projects and innovative techniques
  • 3 cents for growing Made Blue and connecting new ambassadors
  • 2 cents per donation for other costs, such as administration


All donations are received by the Made Blue Foundation. The foundation has a Dutch ANBI status (registered charity) with the RSIN number: 8545.63.933.

Next to the Made Blue Foundation is the Made Blue B.V. who carries out the risk-bearing activities for the foundation such as provision of water dispensers to hospitality. Any profits resulting from the B.V. are reinvested in the foundation and this creates leverage.

made blue consists of the Made Blue Foundation and Made Blue b.v., bonding as an entrepreneurial charity and social venture.


The Made Blue Foundation has a Dutch ANBI status (registered charity) with the RSIN number: 8545.63.933. ANBI means: General Benefit Organization (recognized by the Dutch Tax Authority)

Our organisational structure is set up with the help of PwC and approved by The Netherlands Tax Authority.

Donors can trust that their donation will be spent efficiently and can deduct their donations (under certain conditions).


How do restaurants donate per bottle served?
A catering entrepreneur donates 700 liters of clean drinking water per 0.7 liter bottle of water. That converts to 23 cents. There are also other sizes of bottles and carafes. In addition to the donation, the entrepreneur pays separately for the use of a tap water cooler, communication materials and glassware. The purchase price per bottle served is therefore higher than 23 cents and varies per situation.
Why says my bottle THIS IS 350 LITRES?
In the hospitality industry, entrepreneurs always donate 1000 times the contents of the bottle or carafe as clean drinking water via Made Blue. Sometimes the water is served in 0.35 liter bottles or in 1.0 or 0.5 liter carafes.
Can I donate for clean water as a consumer?
Yes, you can. For example, if you donate clean drinking water for 1 person for a year, that is 20 liters of water per day for 365 days. That is 7,300 liters and therefore 2.41 euros. You also pay some transaction costs, bringing the total to 2.50 euros. These transaction costs vary per payment method (Paypal / iDeal / Credit card) and amount to an average of 31 cents including VAT.
Can I donate just once?
Yes, you can also transfer money to our bank account yourself. You then pay no transaction costs and choose how much you want to donate. Here too, 33 cents is equal to 1000 liters. Find out how you can donate here.
Do companies donate 33 Eurocents per 1,000 litres as well?
Yes, you can. Yes. The ambassadors of our program One Litre for One Litre mirror the water consumption or the water savings of their product, service or organization for 33 cents per 1000 litres, of which 22 cents go directly to the water projects and the rest is used for proactive support in the communication. For litres above 25 million litres, a rate of 22 cents per 1000 litres applies because we can then work cost-covering.
Why is there an independent board?
An independent board monitors the expenditure of incoming donation funds. This prevents the foundation from making expenditures that are not in line with our objectives. We think this is important and not just us: it is also a requirement of the Tax Authorities to be an ANBI foundation (registered charity).