MADE BLUE Foundation

MADE BLUE Foundation invests in clean water projects from selected local implementing partners.
By scaling best performing interventions MADE BLUE makes as much clean water
permanently available in those areas where people lack access to clean water.


Access to clean water is the basis of a healthy and productive life!

Especially women and children are spending hours per day collecting water… that often is not even clean. Time spent fetching water is less time for being at school, caring for a family or go to work.

An estimated 500.000 million children die every single year as a direct result of not having access to sufficient clean water and basic hygiene… that equals an average of 1,400 children per dag (source).



people permanently lacking access to clean water



die every day due to lack of clean water



the average distance many women and children walk fetching 20 litres of water



per day is used for solely fetching water

water stress

1 out of 10 does not have access

We invest in water projects in those areas where people permanently lack access to clean water and where local government is not able to organize this. Our recent and current activity is plotted on the map.

Our water projects

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