Find Made Blue at new locations every day! You will find us on various products and also on the shelf when you are on the road.
More than 350 restaurants now serve the best water in the world!
Various hygiene service providers and other service companies reflect their water consumption or water savings.
More and more offices and hotels tap cooled and sparkling water from a tap water cooler from Made Blue.

on products


Each and every Quooker Combi saves quite a lot of water in a household: water saved is made available as clean water in developing countries with Made Blue.

La Trappe

Together with the Scottish brewer Brewdog, La Trappe launched the unique Practice What You Preach beer with thousand times as much water.


I-did makes beautiful products out of recycled textiles, saving lots of water. Water saved = water given back to those in need with Made Blue.


Kings of Indigo designs sustainable denim. Every year, KoI hosts a Blue Friday event – on Black Friday of course – and with 100,000 litres of water donated for every pair of denim sold.


HMSHost International

HMSHost manages over 70 hospitality sites at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. All water needed for producing any beverage sold is made available as clean water elsewhere as well.

Lore Group

Lore Group donates one hundred litres of clean drinking water for every hotel night booked and in all six hotels of the group and the guest can give these litres as a gift to one of our projects.


Blycolin supplies and cleans textiles for the catering industry as sustainably as possible. The water they save is donated to Made Blue.


Each Hotelgift by Experiencegift not only brings great excitement and fun, it also ensures 1,000 litres of clean water are made available in developing countries

and in over 350 restaurants

On this map you can see in blue all the catering locations that have the best water for the world on the menu,
such as all branches of The Student Hotels and ‘t Zusje and a total of more than 6 Michelin stars.
They have chosen to tap sustainable, local water and donate for it.
In this way, Made Blue ensures that 1000 times as much clean drinking water is always produced.

to go

Bottle made blue

This long-life water bottle serves as a perfect alternative to ‘complimentary water’ and even competes on price.


People just love the reusable water bottles by Retulp: each bottle ensuring 1,000 times as much water is made available elsewhere on the planet.

Bottle up

On the go and no water bottle at hand? Check out bottled water by Bottle Up: served in a reusable sugarcane bottle!


Each and every bottle provides not only extra oxygen, but 5 litres of clean drinking water in developing countries as well.

hygiene industry


This family business runs multiple cleaning companies. By using innovative water-saving techniques, they are able to donate many litres of clean drinking water.


The innovative cleaning machines of i-team save a lot of water, which they donate to our projects.

Clear Circle

With its reusable packaging, Clear Circle saves waste and energy. Clean water is donated for every packaging that’s being refilled and reused.


Swash by Arion is an innovative solution for washing hospitalized patients without the need for water. That saves water – of course – but also saves time while adding care and comfort. Clean water is donated with every pack used.

At the office

More and more companies are treating employees and guests to chilled and sparkling water.
A tap water cooler from Made Blue is not only sustainable but also a calling card.
The possibilities are endless and the reactions are unanimously positive!
They are already participating:

on services


CWS, known from sanitary solutions, has partnered with Smixin introducing the SmartWash: a faucet, soap dispenser and hand dryer as an all-in-one solution. And with each appliance donating 20,000 litres of clean water to developing countries.


Find them all throughout The Netherlands and with each serving donating a glass of water elsewhere on the planet: MAAS coffee machines.


Team Kinran works on innovative solutions in the urban environment while also contributing to clean water for all: 300 litres of water donated for every consulting hour delivered.


Indoor landscaping needs water of course: every litre of water used by Ambius is given back as clean water elsewhere with Made Blue.

In Public Places

Hoog Catharijne

At Hoog Catharijne, the shopping center next to Utrecht Central Station, you can tap cooled water for free and you can donate for clean drinking water.


The Loovio toilet units in the Markthal Rotterdam and Zuidplein provide clean drinking water by calling on visitors to donate.


In the lobby of Novotel Amsterdam Airport Schiphol you can tap delicious filtered water in your own reusable Bottle Made Blue.


In Alexandrium Shopping center you can tap free filtered water thanks to owner Klepierre, but you can also donate for clean drinking water.

Contribute too?

Do you want to help us with our mission: clean drinking water for everyone?
Do you want to help us with our mission: clean drinking water for everyone?