It starts with water

Access to drinking water is the basis for a healthy and productive existence! It has even been a human right since 2010, but for 771,000,000 it is a day’s work to get safe water. That’s 1 in 10 people on earth.

Why is lack of access to clean water problematic?

Why water scarcity is a problem

Especially women and children loose lots of time fetching surface water, often polluted. Precious time that could have been spend on work, education or caring for a family.

Water scarcity is only part of the problem. It is estimated that every year about 485.000 people die because of polluted water and poor sanitation. That’s over 1.300 people per day, children included.

why mineral water or spring water

Nearby there’s issues with water as well, although less visible. Consumption of mineral and spring waters is on the rise, putting stress on the environment because of production, packaging and transportation.

It would be best to stick to tap water instead, but then what’s the difference between tap water, spring water and mineral water?

Why locally tapped water is most sustainable

Why is it better to tap chilled and sparkling water from a mains-fed water dispenser compared to pouring a glass of bottled spring or mineral water?

That’s primarily due to the energy and materials waste resulting from bottled water. At Made Blue, we take it one step further. How? Read more.

Why the best water for the world

At Made Blue we use to say: we’ve got the best water for the world. And we mean it! Of course Made Blue Water ensures access to clean water in those places on earth where it’s most needed.

Made Blue Water saves lots of unnecessary transport and packaging waste nearby, while reducing carbon emissions and ocean plastics far away.

Entrepreneurial approach

We’re an entrepreneurial charity: both a foundation and a social venture. We’re developing entrepreneurial concepts, raising funds for investing in access to clean water and hygiene all over the world. This results in a sustainable cash flow while adding value to all of our donors.

Why water or coffee

Drinking enough is important. But why would you choose water? Doesn’t coffee also contain water? We have listed the advantages of water compared to coffee and tea.

Why less plastic

Most plastic soup comes from just a few rivers in the world. Our water solutions ensure much less plastic here. But did you know that with our water projects we also prevent a lot of plastic elsewhere in the world?

Made Blue fights against Plastic Soup


Convert your water consumption or water savings into the same number of litres of clean drinking water. Why do we call that mirroring and not just compensation?


Paying for tap water in the hospitality industry? Why would guests do that?We have had independent research done into this with surprising results.

Why save water

You would say that there is plenty of water, but that is about to change. Saving water also pays off in other ways.

Why a water tank in the office is not sustainable

Nicely chilled water comes from a water machine or dispenser in the office, but couldn’t it be more sustainable?