Water in hospitality

Rent or buy a tap water cooler at Made Blue at cost price and tap chillend and sparkling water.
Ensure 1,000 times as much clean water made available in developing countries.
That is the best water for the world and your business!


We offer water dispensers for any setting,
for small lunch rooms till big restaurants,
starting at 15 and up to 280 litres per hour.
Chilled and hot, still and sparkling, natural or mineralized, even with portion control.


You place a table model water tap on a worktop. Under the worktop, connect the water cooler to a washing machine tap and place the carbon dioxide and possibly a filter.

Our tabletop water dispensers look good and add to the storytelling. Also, less space is required underneath the counter.


A built-in or under-counter water dispenser is placed underneath a surface, on which a new or existing tap tower is used to dispense water.

A wide variety of tap towers is available, also less space is needed on the counter when compared to tabletop water dispensers. Take into account sufficient space under the worktop, also for ventilation.


Most water dispensers can be fitted with a cabinet, enabling the dispenser to be placed anywhere. Also, filter and CO2 cardridge can be placed inside the cabinet.

Any location near a connection to a water main and power outlet will do, there’s no space required in or on existing cabinets or counters.


Ask us to take care of the water dispenser installation, free of charge in hotels and restaurants. Check out this video to see how it works.

Requirements include a water main and power outlet at short range, and enough space for fitting the equipment and including additional space for ventilation. Check our installation conditions including dispenser dimensions.

In some cases, water- or powerlines need to pass through existing structures: a check by the property owner may be needed.


To ensure serving the best water for your guests, your business and the planet, we fit an active carbon filter. Active carbon is a natural product that binds particles up to 0,2 micron in size. A perfect tasting water is guaranteed. This filter also has a particle filter with a filter fineness of up to 0.2 microns. One micron is one thousandth of a millimeter.

Additionally, the filter prevents calcium deposits, both inside the dispenser as well as in glassware. Healthy (calcium) minerals remain in the water, but deposit is prevented. Filters are changed every 12 months or 10,000 litres as standard.


No need to switch: join Made Blue using existing equipment.
You do not pay for the equipment, but only donate the litres.
Purchase Made Blue glassware if you like.

Do you have a tap tower to spare?
In most cases we’re able to fit a built-in water dispenser,
saving additional space and costs.


We’re happy to help you share on the joint impact we make,
for example using our communication materials and events.


Being an ambassador of Made Blue, choose the communication materials you want: mini booklets, posters, bottle tags and more.

We’ll also provide an introduction to Made Blue Water for your colleagues, a troubleshooting guide and suggestions for glassware use. We’re happy to help you share stories on social media and can also assist with text and media input for your socials. Everything is in Dutch and English.

We’re happy to help you share stories on social media and can also assist with text and media input for your menu or other materials.


Next to our communication materials, check out our remarkable water bottles and carafes. They tell an impactful message to your guests.

Check out our dedicated page on made blue glassware to find out more about possibilities and creating your own design.

Why join?

We say Made Blue Water is the best water for your guests, your business and the world.
And we’re very serious about that! Made Blue water brings many advantages:


No lugging with packaging or to the glass container and no overflowing refrigerators.

Good margins

In many cases we are cheaper per bottle than the well-known brands of spring water.


Tap water yourself saves a lot of transport, waste, plastic and CO2 emissions.

Biggest impact

Our water has the most impact of all charitable waters.


Gustavo van Soil of Amsterdam talks about their concept and why he chose to serve Made Blue water. “We are proud to participate in this network”, he says in the interview,

“and it fits perfectly to our sustainable strategy.”

The Student Hotel

We visited The Student Hotel and spoke with Impact Manager Amber Westerborg about their vision for the future and how Made Blue fits within the concept.

What does it cost?

Because made blue is not-for-profit, a water dispenser can be leased at low price.
The same goes for buying equipment: we offer not-for-profit prices.
Our machines are always including:

Annual maintenance
Service and parts
All fittings for water and CO2
Communication materials

As of 60 euros

Lease a water dispenser as of EUR60 per month and serve the best water for your guests, your business and the planet: filtered, chilled and still or sparkling. We’ll install the equipment free of charge and connect all peripherals.

Donate 23 Eurocents per 700ml bottle of water served (33ct/litre) and based on a monthly average. Together we ensure that each and every bottle delivers 1,000 times as much clean water in developing countries, time and again. That is 23 euros per month if you serve an average of 100 bottles.

Water dispenser lease is paused automatically in case the government imposes temporary closing or lock-down.

Looking for advice for your location, multiple dispensers, tailor-made glassware,
to-go solutions or more information on how we operate in developing countries? Reach out to us.
Reach out to us.


Are guests willing to pay for tap water?
We’ve conducted an independent research
showing guests are willing to pay up to 75% more
for water with a distinctive story.

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Frequently asked questions

How is clean water made available?
Made Blue invests in scaling clean water projects with proven track record. Continuous auditing and trusted local partners ensure the impact is real and measurable. Made Blue invests in scaling clean water projects with proven track record. Read more on how we work…
How does 33 eurocents result in 1,000 litres of water?
We are very transparent about this: 22 cents are immediately reserved for investments in water projects. We use 11 cents to communicate, innovate and to further increase our impact by, for example, investing in new concepts. Read more…
How much do I donate?
We first calculate together how much water you serve on average per month and use that average for the donation. Serving about 100 bottles per month? Then a monthly €21 donation will do. Of course this can be adjusted up or down at any point in time. If you are just opening a new business, you do not yet have an average and in the beginning we can also request the liters per quarter.
Why is Made Blue not for profit?
As a charity, we don’t need to make money on equipment sold or leased. To us, water dispensers and glassware are a means to collect donations for clean water. This results in a win-win as this facilitates low costs and good margins for participating locations.
Why is there a 36-month contract period when I want to buy a water dispenser instead of lease?
We ask for a 36-month commitment on donations to ensure being able to make enough impact on behalf of all of our donors. Equipment to us is a means for gathering donations, the sale of a dispenser itself does not add to our mission.
Can I also donate using third-party equipment?
Of course you can! You’ll receive a communication package and glassware if you want and will join as a made blue ambassador.