THOMS Aviation

THOMS Aviation offers (semi) drywash cleaning of small and large aircraft. The technique used by THOMS saves a lot of water and THOMS invests that water in water projects via Made Blue.


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THOMS Aviation has been ambassadeur since 2022

About THOMS Aviation

THOMS Aviation offers (semi) drywash cleaning of small and large aircraft. The technique used by Thoms saves a lot of water, up to 5,000 litres in the case of, for example, cleaning the outside of a Boeing 737.

THOMS Aviation thus offers environmentally friendly exterior and interior care of aircraft at airports in Europe, without having to drive aircraft to special wash hangars and without using thousands of liters of water.

In collaboration with Made Blue, THOMS wants to make the water saved here available to the same extent as clean drinking water in developing countries: one litre for one litre.

In today’s world, where the intake of potable water is not self-evident, the use of industrial water and waste water treatment have become serious points of discussion. Therefore, the aviation industry must embrace new waterless solutions.

Thomas de Boer, Managing Director of THOMS Aviation

In the picture

There is much more to cleaning an aircraft than you think. Not only the exterior and the passenger area need to be cleaned, but of course the cockpit as well. You only want that done by trained people.

One litre for one litre

In our program One litre for one litre you can convert the water saving or water consumption of your product, service or organization in an equal amount of litres of clean drinking water in developing countries. Choosing a selection of customers or donating more liters is also an option. Transparency is paramount and we are happy to help you communicate about it!

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