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One litre for one litre

Convert the water usage or water savings of your organisation, product or service into an equal amount of clean drinking water made available in developing countries.

Thanks to the ONE LITRE FOR ONE LITRE program, the water saving features of our product or service are highlighted and converted to an equal amount of clean water made available elsewhere on the planet!

Ambassadors of ONE LITRE FOR ONE LITRE calculate their water saving or water usage per product, organisation or service. By means of a donation to Made Blue Foundation, we ensure that an equal amount of clean water is made available in those places on earth where it matters most.

You already find our ONE LITRE FOR ONE LITRE program on for example all MAAS coffeemachines, the Quooker boiling water taps and at the in-company restaurants, facilitated by Eurest. Per bottle sold O2life provides 5 litres. When using the water-efficient cleaning machines of  Tennant and I-Team Global, clean water is donated over every machine. A variety of cleaning companies also support the program, for example  Blankers Schoon. Check out more ambassadors!

How does it work?

one, two... three!


Ask for our support to help determine the amount of water saved (or used) with putting your product or service to use. Alternatively, we can f.e. deliver 1.000 litres of clean water for every hour billed or any other promise made together.

What are the options?


We estimate your monthly donation, for example based on your projected sales and amount of clean water to be realized in developing countries on your behalf.

What does it take to join?


Do good and tell it! We help you communicate about our joint impact trough film, photo and (social media) updates. Certificates are provided to you and to your stakeholders and we’ll invite you to join our Impact Journeys.



Apply ONE LITRE FOR ONE LITRE to your product, service, organization or specific customer group to create as much impact and added value as possible. In the videos below you can see how others communicate about and benefit from working with MADE BLUE.


Emphasize the water saving features of your product by providing an equal amount of clean water in developing countries.


Mirror the water footprint of your entire organization, factory or department and provide equal amounts of clean water elsewhere on the planet!


Emphasize the water saving features of your service by providing an equal amount of clean water in developing countries.


Select the customers for whom you want to mirror the water associated with your product or service… or offer them the opportunity to choose how much impact to make together.

Why join?

added value, added impact


Every 30 Eurocents donated to MADE BLUE results in at least 1.000 litres of clean water made available in developing counties.

Check out how we make that happen and what turns MADE BLUE in an effective instrument for impact.

How exactly?


The impact your organisation creates trough ONE LITRE FOR ONE LITRE is tangible, traceable and certified. As the impact is linked directly to your product or service, MADE BLUE provides for powerful and simple storytelling on how we’re working towards a better world together.

What does it take?

trusted partner

Trusted by over 350 companies in the Netherlands, Europe & beyond, MADE BLUE is a business-focussed, business-minded charity that is very well equipped in providing impact and value to the companies that are supporting our work. Have a look at a number of companies that have chosen to work with us… and join in!

Who already joined our program?


No other charity will support your communication efforts the way we do: providing certificates to you and your stakeholders as proof of joint impact realized, delivering (social) media updates and news for you to share and assistance on corporate storytelling on impact and sustainability.

Say what?


Haven’t found your answer yet? Please use our contact form or give us a call at 070 89 19 492

    How is clean water made available?

    In which regions and countries do you operate?

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    Who else has joined?

    and how do others support MADE BLUE?

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    What does it take to join?

    What do I get in return?

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    How do others communicate about MADE BLUE?

    And what can you do for my customers?

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    • HMSHost

      “Our guests travel all over the world, also to countries where safe drinking water is almost impossible to find. We think it is important to make our guests aware of this. That is why we mirror the water consumption of the production and consumption of all our drinks in the […]
    • Quooker

      The use of the Quooker COMBI boiling water tap leads to a lot of water savings in households, 4.200 litres per household per year on average. For every Quooker COMBI reservoir sold, MADE BLUE ensures 4.200 litres of clean drinking water being made available in Ethiopia.
    • Compass Group

      “Compass Group has joined Made Blue to make a concrete contribution to water projects in countries where clean drinking water cannot be taken for granted. We mirror all consumptions at nearly 1,000 restaurants with twice as many consumptions of clean drinking water.”
    • i-team global

      The water that is used by all active i-mop machines worldwide is mirrored by generating equal amounts of clean drinking water in developing countries with Made Blue Foundation.

    people still have no acces to clean drinking water today. These people lack a fundamental need for a healthy and prosperous life.

    Often women and girls are responsible for collecting (even polluted) water, taking a large part out of everyday life, wasting time that otherwise could have been spent on school, work or caring for a family.


    people are estimated to die every day from the consequences of consuming polluted water.

    That is why we work towards access to clean water for all, today, every day. Join Made Blue as a company and discover the power of teaming up with a charity that is built on entrepreneurship, effectiveness and transparency.