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Offset the water consumption of your product, service or organization or mirror your water savings it with the same number of liters of clean drinking water in developing countries, tangible and guaranteed. This is only possible at Made Blue in the A liter for a liter program.

Would you rather donate once with your company? That is also possible. Take a look at the possibilities here.

One litre for one litre

On your product

such as Quooker boiling water taps, Kings of Indigo denim or Bird Brewery craft beers.

Related to your service

such as MAAS coffee and vending solutions, CWS handwashing systems and Ambius indoor landscaping.

For your organisation

Do you want to offset the water consumption of your entire organization? We provide an annual certificate and proactively help you communicate it.

For a group of clients

Would you like to donate water on behalf of a customer or customer group and issue a cheque or sub-certificate? We are happy to work with you.

on hygiene solutions

find Made Blue with innovative cleaning equipment from i-team and Tennant, as well as with cleaning companies such as Hago and Gom.

On drinks

with O2Life sports drinks, sustainable bottles from Retulp and IZY and reusable Bottle UP water bottles.



Want to become an ambassador to clean water for all? Join Made Blue in four steps. Use our calculator to find out more about costs.


Choose the product, service or division that is about to turn its water use or water savings into clean water in developing countries.


Join Made Blue as an ambassador and commit to a specified amount of water to give back and corresponding donation.


Donate to Made Blue Foundation to ensure an equal amount of clean water made available to those in need.


Share your impact story using Made Blue media, updates and certificates for you and your stakeholders. Happy to help!



For every 30 cents we make 1,000 liters of water available in projects that we know will last for 10 years or more. We’re very transparent about that!


With One litre for one litre you make very clear what impact you make and where. Moreover, it is linked one on one to your product, service or organization.

Tailor-made communications

We support with providing certificates to you and your stakeholders as proof of joint impact made, delivering (social) media updates, video’s and news for you to share and assistance on corporate storytelling on impact and sustainability.


Trusted by over 400 companies in the world, Made Blue is a business-focussed, business-minded charity that is very well equipped in providing impact and value to the companies that are supporting our work.

Impact journeys

Learn first hand about the challenge working towards access to clean water and hygiene for all during our impact journeys and experience the impact made together so far.


We issue certificates for donations received, clearly indicating impact made together. Even more, certificates can be issued not only to you but also to your stakeholders. Just let us know!


Vebego, a leading facility services provider in The Netherlands, joined Made Blue Foundation right from the start back in 2014. By now the company donated over 100 million litres of clean water: check out the short video we made to highlight this impressive milestone.

We’re able to highlight the amount of water saved with our innovative technology and give back to those who need it most.

Arion international

Erik Joosten, CEO of Arion International, joined our 2020 Impact Journey to Ethiopia. Arion International is the manufacturer of Swash, an innovative solution for washing without water for improved quality in healthcare. Check out this short video in which Erik tells about why he linked Swash to Made Blue.

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Frequently asked questions

How is clean water made available?
Made Blue invests in scaling clean water projects with proven track record. Continuous auditing and trusted local partners ensure the impact is real and measurable. The local community is in charge at all times and takes full ownership upon completion. Read more
How does 30 cents result in 1,000 litres of water?
We’re very transparent about that as well: 20 cents is invested in scaling clean water projects right away. The remaining 10 cents is used for boosting innovation, increasing joint impact even more and by raising awareness on the importance of access to clean water and hygiene for all. Read more…
Can I decide how much to donate?
Yes. You decide how much water to donate per product, service or organisation. We help you decide on a story that is transparent, easy to understand and impactful. We’re ready to help and can assist in for example determining the water footprint or water saving capacity of a product, service or production chain. Contact us to learn more.
Why is there a 1,000,000 litre minimum donation required to become an ambassador to Made Blue?
We’re providing support to all of our ambassadors with lots of love and with no additional cost. We can only do so by making lots of impact while remaining small and effective as an organisation. That’s why we ask for a one million litre annual impact as a start. Of course you can also donate smaller amounts via our site.
Can I see which organisations already participate?
Yes, we are very transparent about that. You will find an overview of all our ambassadors, also in alphabetical order on this page.
May I use the Made Blue logo?
Made Blue Ambassadors are free to use the Made Blue logo on products and services the Made Blue partnership adheres to. We’d like to be informed where and when our logo is being used for purposes of impact and transparency.