Greenwear t-shirts last much longer than regular cotton t-shirts and that saves a lot of water in production. Greenwear converts the water that is saved into clean drinking water via Made Blue.

This is the impact of

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since 2022:

21525000 litres

Impact mensen


people got access to water

impact co2


Tons of CO2-emissions saved

Impact plastic


tons of plastic waste prevented

impact bomen


trees saved from logging

Want to know more? Read here how we’ve calculated this impact…

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About Greenwear

Based on years of experience, Greenwear makes t-shirts woven from cotton and polyester. The quality is so good that they last three times as long as standard cotton t-shirts. The production requires less water and less often has to be produced. That saves no less than 2250 litres of water per t-shirt.

At Greenwear you can easily have your t-shirts printed and you can immediately see how much water you save. The same amount of water is then realized in one of Made Blue’s water projects.

Sustainability means doing something for a very long time, according to all researchers in this field. Our T-shirt has been developed in this way of sustainability. A T-shirt to be able to wear very often and also to be able to wash more than 150 times. When that was successful, it turned out that we also save a lot of water.

In the picture

Greenwear clearly shows on the site what your impact is with every order. For example, if you order enough t-shirts for your company, you can fill an entire Tiki pool!

If you want to order t-shirts as a consumer, that is also possible: without a logo but with the unique J.A.W.S. print (Just A White T-shirt).

One litre for one litre

In our program One litre for one litre you can convert the water saving or water consumption of your product, service or organization into an equal amount of litres of clean drinking water in developing countries. Choosing a selection of customers or donating more litres is also an option. Transparency is paramount and we are happy to help you communicate about it!

Other ambassadors


Experiencegift donates clean drinking water to developing countries via Made Blue per gift card, such as with the Hotelgift gift card: 1 gift card for 550,000 hotels worldwide.

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HMSHost operates over 70 restaurants and catering points at Schiphol Airport. The water required for the production and consumption of all drinks at these locations is mirrored via Made Blue.

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i-team Global

The agile i-mop scrubber dryer from i-team Global saves a lot of water. The water that is still needed is converted into clean drinking water in developing countries.

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Brew Monkey

Brew Monkey is the market leader of beer brewing kits for the starting home brewer. Each beer brewing package sold provides 500 litres of clean drinking water in developing countries.

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