That is our mission! We invest in water projects in countries where it is needed the most We are doing that in a very transparant and entrepreneurial way. Do you want to join us?


People still do not have access to clean drinking water.


It is estimated that people die every day from polluted drinking water.

6 KM

Women and children have to walk every day with 20 litres of water.


Provides one person with clean drinking water for a year.

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What you can do

Do you want to contribute to our mission too?
You can do so in many more ways than to donate.
Take a look at how you can support us.

Offset you water consumption or mirror your water savings

Determine the water savings or consumption of your product, service, organization or customer and convert it into as many liters of clean drinking water. That is tangible and guaranteed and is only possible with our program One litre for one litre. Many companies preceded you.

Serve locally bottled water in your restaurant

Stop serving spring water and tap filtered, chilled and sparkling water from a tap water cooler. This is more sustainable, easier and often cheaper. We always have a suitable solution for your restaurant. Choose from our standard glassware or go for your own table water.

Save on water in your hotel

Saving water in your hotel, serving water in the restaurant or at events or water bottles in the hotel room?

We have a sustainable solution for you that saves money. You also contribute to our mission: clean drinking water for everyone.

Stop using packaged water and go for printed reusable bottles

Give your customers or your employees a unique reusable bottle so that they can drink sustainable water. With your custom print you make an impression and mobile add! With a Made Blue print you tell a crystal clear story. In all cases, you also provide clean drinking water with each item.

Tap chilled and sparkling water at your office

Treat your employees and guests to wonderfully fresh and sparkling water from a Made Blue tap water cooler. This is more sustainable, easier and often cheaper. Each water cooler tells a story and you complete it with matching glassware and communication materials.

Donate with your company

A sponsored walk, a benefit evening or an auction? We are happy to work with you. We provide communication materials and possibly water, you ensure a great event. You can of course also donate directly, choose your liters yourself.

Waarom is gebrek aan schoon drinkwater een probleem

Donate directly and give a child access to safe drinking water

Make a direct and personal impact now by making a choice from the options on our donation page. Do you give a child water at school for a year or do you want to provide an entire family with access to enough water for drinking, cooking and washing for a year?

Shop at one of our ambassadors

More and more companies are choosing to compensate the water consumption of their product, service or organization or to mirror the water saved with the same number of litres of clean drinking water in developing countries via Made Blue. If you buy one of their products or do business with these companies, then you contribute to our mission.


Every Quooker Combi saves a lot of water and that becomes available again as clean drinking water via Made Blue.

La Trappe

Together with the Scottish brewer Brewdog La Trappe launched the unique Practice What You Preach specialty beer with a thousand times as much water.


I-did makes beautiful products from recycled textiles and thus saves a lot of water.


Kings of Indigo makes sustainable jeans and makes Black Friday Blue every year: every purchase generates 100,000 liters.


Each bottle of this refreshing sports drink provides extra oxygen for you and 5 liters in one of our projects.


Every Hotelgift from Experiencegift not only provides a great experience but also 1000 litres of clean drinking water in the countries where it is most needed


CWS, known for the towel rolls and soap dispensers, delivers with the Smartwash from Smixin a tap and disinfection in one and together with Smixin provides 20,000 litres of water.


Blycolin supplies and cleans textiles for the hospitality industry in an increasingly sustainable way. Blycolin donates the remaining water consumption to Made Blue.


They are located throughout the country and every consumption also provides drinking water: the coffee machines of MAAS.


The innovative cleaning machines from i-team save a lot of water and give it back to our projects.

Drink water made blue

On this map you can see in blue all 350+ catering locations that have the best water in the world on the menu, such as all branches of The Student Hotels and ‘t Zusje and with a total of more than 6 Michelin stars.

They have chosen to tap sustainable, local water and donate for it. In this way, Made Blue ensures that 1000 times as much clean drinking water is always produced.


“Up until I gave birth, I used to walk for water every single day. Now it only takes half an hour.”

Water projects

These are some of the water projects we are currently working on. We work in countries with a relatively stable political situation where we can work together with reliable partners and the local community. Read more on how we work here

Water by Women

In Nepal, we restore water supplies and teach women to manage them as a business.

Read more

Max Tap Water

We are back in Bangladesh with an entrepreneurial project in which we build water networks for households.

Read more


In this sequel to the water vending machines, innovation and girls are central to achieving access to clean drinking water together with the local community.

Read more

Water and sanitation at ánd around schools

Children in Ethiopia will get access to water and sanitation at school and the neighbourhood benefits as well. In collaboration with Amref and Castalie.

Read more

Who we are

We’re the entrepreneurial charity Made Blue Foundation. Established in 2014 and by now having realized over 10 billion litres of clean water on behalf of more than 500 companies.

Made Blue Foundation is a registered charity striving towards maximum transparency and optimal impact. That also means keeping core costs at a minimum and with oversight by an independent board.

Latest news

On behalf of 500+ ambassadors we’re working towards access to clean water and hygiene for all. Check out the latest news below.

Update Wash at schools: girls back to school

In Ethiopia we are working hard on water in and around schools. In this update you can read what we have already done. This is especially important for girls.

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Vietnam: Virtual visit as completion (VIDEO)

Our project in Vietnam was recently completed but unfortunately we were unable to visit it ourselves. Instead, we were invited for a virtual visit.

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WASH & Learn: involving the boys (VIDEO)

Our project WASH & Learn in Uganda goes a long way. So much so that the boys are also involved in making sanitary towels so that they understand how important it is for their classmates.

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Update Max Tap Water: a running start

Our entrepreneurial project in Bangladesh is off to a running start. After all permits were completed, various existing installations were transferred to the new social enterprise to be set up, which…

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Give me four beers and 300 litres of water

Enough Wasted! 013 Poppodium works together with the visitor for a better world and switches to hard cups and locally tapped tap water with the clear message of Made Blue.

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How much water should you drink per day?

How much water should you drink per day to stay healthy? And can you drink too much water? Made Blue sorted it out for you.

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