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Logo MadeBlue white portrait

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Balance the water savings of your company, product or service or offset the consumption with the same amount in our projects.

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Save water and money by encouraging your guests to save water and donate it to a water project of their choice.

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Tap filtered, chilled and sparkling water from one of our water coolers. Tell the story with our matching glassware.

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Treat your employees and guests to sustainable, chilled and sparkling water from a tap water cooler in your office.

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703,000,000 PEOPLE

1 in 10 people spend hours collecting water every day. Can you imagine? As a result, many women and children do not have time to work or go to school. This way they remain poor generation after generation.

That’s not even mentioning the lives lost due to polluted water. Fortunately, there are solutions: for just €2.50 we can provide one person with water for a year.

Made Blue Foundation

We have been working on worldwide access to clean drinking water since 2014. We collaborate with over 500 companies who actively support and contribute to our mission. We call those companies our ambassadors.

As an entrepreneurial foundation, we opt for a collaborative approach rather than collecting funds. We aim to establish long-term partnerships with companies, ensuring mutual benefit for all parties involved. This is the right way to add sustainable value.


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17,050,329,976 LITRES

We have already achieved so much clean drinking water in developing countries and that has more impact than you think:

Women have time to work again and children can go to school, giving them a better chance of a better life later. People no longer have to cut down trees to boil dirty water and it is no longer necessary to buy disposable bottles.

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Our water projects

Below you can see the water projects we are currently working on.
We always work in countries with relatively stable political situations where we can collaborate with reliable partners and the local community.

Water for villages in India

1,165 families in the Kadapa District in India will have direct access to water thanks to 10 new borewells.

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From water to work in Nepal

In Nepal we restore water supplies and teach women to manage them as a business.

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watergrids in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, mini water networks will give 22,800 people direct access to clean drinking water.

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Local innovation in Uganda

Together with the local population, we devise water solutions that work well for them. Women are central to this.

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Donate directly

Would you like to give a child water at school for a year, or do you want to provide an entire family with access to water for a year? Make a personal impact with a donation.

Switch to sustainable water bottles

Give your employees or customers a unique water bottle with your custom design and make an impactful impression.

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Support our 500+ ambassadors

For example, order local bottled water from Made Blue in one of the participating restaurants.

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Latest updates

Twenty new water grids in Bangladesh

2023 was a productive year for the Max Tapwater project in Bangladesh. The number of water grids has doubled, bringing many more advantages than just clean water from the tap.

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From water to art

Artist Sarah Boris made a beautiful and unique artwork which celebrates our collaboration with Lore Group.

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Made Blue news articles

In honour of our 10th anniversary, several platforms interviewed us about our achievements and dreams for the future. Here is an overview.

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10 years of Made Blue

Made Blue is celebrating its 10th birthday this year. Take a trip down memory lane with us and find out how much we’ve developed over the past decade.

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