The ambassadors

These are the ambassadeurs for the programme One Litre for One Litre of MADE BLUE. These organisations mirror their water use or water savings with an equal amount of litres of clean drinking water.


“This means that mothers and children no longer have to walk for miles every day. How much time do they have left? Time to spend on their family, education or plans for the future. You can imagine the difference this makes for themselves and the community in which they live. “


We promote day cleaning so that the customers save on their lighting and heating. That explains our partnership with Made Blue Foundation: Care mirrors all the litres of water saved through applying the latest cleaning techniques with equal amounts of clean drinking water in developing countries.

Energy Boost

Every Energy Boost Box sold provides access to clean drinking water for three days for someone living in a developing country.


KoffiePartners introduces Cento%, a premium espresso brand with 100% strictly high-grown arabica beans. With Made Blue, every box sold, one thousand litres of clean water is made available in developing countries.


Together with the Made Blue foundation we donate per installed Smixin system 10.000 liter fresh water in countries where water is needed most. This leads to a zero water balance for all our systems and 10 children being able to have access to clean drinking water for a whole year in school.


By producing new items using only recycled materials, i-did saves up to 414 litres of water for every square meter of felt that is produced. To make their business even more sustainable, i-did makes sure that this saving of 414 litres water is made available as clean water elsewhere in the world.


The use of the Quooker COMBI boiling water tap leads to a lot of water savings in households, 4.200 litres per household per year on average. For every Quooker COMBI reservoir sold, MADE BLUE ensures 4.200 litres of clean drinking water being made available in Ethiopia.


We are proud of what we achieve with our donation and that we contribute to creating awareness about the access to clean water at the same time – which for us is such a standard that we even water our plants with it.” Laila Vernooij – Marketing Manager Benelux


“This project suits our corporate goals very well: Water and dairy are the source of life.”

Fair Flora

The water used for growing flowers and plants with the Fair Flora label is made available again to the same extent as clean drinking water in developing countries.

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