The ambassadors

These are the ambassadeurs for the programme One Litre for One Litre of MADE BLUE. These organisations mirror their water use or water savings with an equal amount of litres of clean drinking water.


CWS provides its customers with complete solutions for hand and toilet hygiene. With personal items for hand washing, disinfection and maintenance of the sanitary room and with customized total concepts – from delivery to maintenance. For each tap rented, CWS donates 10,000 liters of clean drinking water to MADE BLUE.


The use of the Quooker COMBI boiling water tap leads to a lot of water savings in households, 4.200 litres per household per year on average. For every Quooker COMBI reservoir sold, MADE BLUE ensures 4.200 litres of clean drinking water being made available in Ethiopia.


Multiple Vebego companies offer their customers the possibility to mirror the water saved with cleaning activities at the clients site through Made Blue: a litre for a litre.

Compass Group

“Compass Group has joined Made Blue to make a concrete contribution to water projects in countries where clean drinking water cannot be taken for granted. We mirror all consumptions at nearly 1,000 restaurants with twice as many consumptions of clean drinking water.”

Hoppig Beer Festival

Hoppig Beer Festival is the Beer Festival in the Haarlemmermeer with Dutch brewers. For every beer that is consumed, Hoppig donates 100 liters of water and every remaining coin is good for 100 liters.

i-team global

The water that is used by all active i-mop machines worldwide is mirrored by generating equal amounts of clean drinking water in developing countries with Made Blue Foundation.

Arion International

Arion introduces new concepts in healthcare. One of these products is Swash, this concept provides a hygienic, quick and convenient solution for washing a person lying in a (hospital) bed. Swash uses cloths and wipes with a special lotion that cleans and protects the skin. The water that is saved by making use of Swash in stead of a wash-tub is made available in countries where it is most needed.

Fair Flora

The water used for growing flowers and plants with the Fair Flora label is made available again to the same extent as clean drinking water in developing countries.


Westerveld offers clients the option to mirror all of the liters used with cleaning at the clients facilities via Made Blue.


We are proud of what we achieve with our donation and that we contribute to creating awareness about the access to clean water at the same time – which for us is such a standard that we even water our plants with it.” Laila Vernooij – Marketing Manager Benelux

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