How do you serve the best water for the world? Bottles or carafes? Made Blue signature design or custom printed: endless possibilities!

Made Blue signature print

The made blue signature print is featured by over 400 hospitality locations across the globe, sharing a unique message: 1,000 times as much clean water served elsewhere, time and again. Bottles and carafes are stocked and most affordable.

Custom print

Add your logo to our glassware or choose a full custom design! Add black & white, gold & silver or red & blue caps. Serve your own water in a beautiful bottle and with an impressive story. Check out some examples from restaurants that have joined before.

At work

At work made blue glassware shares a strong message: together delivering 1,000,000 litres of clean water elsewhere. Matching the print on made blue water dispensers. Carafes and bottles are stocked, including caps or corks. Custom print may be added, to both bottles and carafes.


made blue bottles are made to last, easy to handle and rather good looking.

  • 700 ml or 350 ml
  • add a one-, two-sided or 360 print
  • Caps come in red, blue, black, white, gold or silver
  • holding 20 pcs per box
  • as of 4 Euro each
  • bottle tags available for free
  • custom made dishwashing racks available

Dishwashing racks

Custom designed dishwasher racks are available for all made blue bottles and carafes, sized 50cm x 50cm, 40cm x 40cm or 60cm x 40cm. Our racks ensure detailed cleaning of our glassware and adds protection against wear.

made blue partner Winterhalter has designed a specialized washing system that fits up to 8 bottles in any Winterhalter washer while adding maximum cleaning technology.


This stylish carafes tell a clear story and they are stronger than you might think.

  • 1,000 or 500ml sized
  • All sizes are stocked
  • As of 6 Euros each
  • Double-sided printing available
  • Corks available
  • Perfect for adding fruits, herbs or cordials
  • Suited for any type of dishwasher

Something else

We like to work with our standard bottles, but maybe that just doesn’t fit your house style. Then choose one of our other bottles.

On the right you see our standard bottle next to two other commonly used models. We are happy to think along with you!

Sealing bottles

You can easily seal our bottles with shrink caps and a heat gun. The seals can be easily removed during use without leaving any residue.

Bottled tap water has a good shelf life, so this might be your solution for the hotel room or for peak times. You can also give your guests an extra quality experience with this. Please note the following:

  • ensure both bottle and cap are properly cleaned with professional equipment
  • ensure the bottle is filled with filtered water using a water dispenser
  • don’t expose the bottles to direct sunlight
  • for best quality refresh the water every 7 (refrigerated) or 3 (room temperature) days

Chilled and sparkling water?

Serve filtered, chilled, still and sparkling water in our beautiful glassware. You can do so with a made blue water dispenser to rent or buy. Looking good, sustainable and inexpensive. Tailored to your location and needs.

We now serve our own water, with a beautiful story. Guests are impressed and often want to learn more.

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Pay for tap water?

A 47,000 respondent research showed over 75% of all guests is willing to pay extra for water served with a beautiful message such as made blue.