Made Blue rolls out the ‘blue carpet’ in The Hague

More and more companies are supporting our mission. This has resulted in quite the feat: in The Hague an entire street of hotels has joined our Enjoy Water to Give Water programme. This results in a ‘Blue Carpet’ of sorts in the political capital city. This is such good news, that both newspapers as TV stations reported on it.

A block of hotels

Mercure Hotel Den Haag Central, Novotel Den Haag City Centre, Hotel Indigo the Hague – Palace Noordeinde, voco The Hague, an IHG hotel, Mövenpick Den Haag and Leonardo Den Haag Promenade. All these beautiful hotels are just steps away from each other in the beautiful Dutch city of The Hague. However, their location isn’t the only thing they have in common. They also all support Made Blue via our Enjoy Water to Give Water programme.

Some of these hotels have our water taps installed, which will result in less packaged water being transported. Their restaurants have switched from plastic water bottles to glass. Last, but certainly not least, hotels encourage their guests to save on water during their stay.

Guests donate their litres

Enjoying a long, hot shower while on holiday is very tempting. The costs of these little luxeries can add up quickly, though. We help hotels inform their guests that small changes in the bathroom can make a large impact. Like showering just a minute shorter, using the economy flushing option on the toilets, and turning of the tap whilst brushing teeth. Tel de vele kamers van een gemiddeld hotel hier bij elkaar op, en de bespaarde liters nemen al snel toe. Add up the many rooms an average hotel boasts, and you’ll find a signifcant amount of water is saved every day.

These litres are donated by the participating hotel to Made Blue. Better yet: via a QR-code in the bathroom, hotel guests can choose which of our water projects they would like to support with their litres saved.

We are very proud to be pard of this impressive ‘The Hague rolls out the Blue Carpet’ inititive, in which prominent hotels in The Hague have joined together to support Made Blue. Together we believe that with every litre of water we save hier in The Hage, we can make a positive impact on the lives of others elsewhere. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and witnessing the difference it will make in the future.

Dimitri Kalaitzis, General Manager Mövenpick Hotel The Hague

Screenshot of interview Machiel van Dooren with SBS6

Good news

Dutch newspaper Het AD wanted to shine a spotlight on the massive support for our mission in The Hague, and wrote an article about it. The Dutch television show ‘Good News Today’ followed in their footsteps, and interviewed both our founder Machiel and General Manager of Novotel Den Haag City Centre, Vanessa van der Vaart.

We hope to continue and enrich our collaboration in the future to create as much positive impact as possible together. We are very grateful for the positive response we’ve gotten from our guests. Their involvement is essential to be able to continue supporting this worthwhile initiative.

Jorik Heus, Operations Manager Leonardo Den Haag Promenade

Made Blue and Novotel Den Haag

Join our mission

Do you work at an hotel and would you like to involve your guests with making an impact together? Read all about the Enjoy Water to Give Water programme and send us a message if you are interested.

Are you going on vacation soon and staying at a nice hotel? Consider taking that shorter shower. Turn off that tap while brushing your teeth. Use that smaller flush button on the toilet. That way, you’ll return home from vacation feeling even better.

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