Why water is better for your vitality than coffee and tea


It seems like an eternal debate: is water better than caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea?
Some health gurus claim that coffee and tea dehydrate you.
They advocate drinking several liters of water per day.
But what is true about this? We went to investigate!


It is often said that caffeinated drinks would dry you out. However, no evidence for this has yet been found. It is true that by taking caffeine you separate more urine, but this does not outweigh the hydration benefits of the water in the drinks themselves.

Another reason why coffee and tea are associated with dehydration is because of the dry mouth you get after drinking it. This is due to the tannins that these drinks contain. And although this substance gives a dry mouth – and with it the feeling of dehydration – no research has yet been found between drinking caffeinated beverages and dehydration. So it is only “a dry mouth.”

Caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea are not associated with dehydration. However, with other health complaints such as stomach complaints, increased heart rate and insomnia.

Dr. Ali Websteradjunct-director communication and nutrition at the International Food Information Council Foundation


But that does not mean that drinking coffee and tea all day long is healthy. A (high) coffee and tea consumption can cause other health problems, such as: stomach upset, heartburn, restlessness, increased anxiety or nervousness, insomnia and an increased heartbeat.

In that sense, it is certainly desirable to limit your coffee and tea consumption and to supplement your fluid intake with water! And preferably with tap water and not with spring water.


You lose about 2.5 liters of fluid every day because we sweat, urinate, defecate and breathe. The Nutrition Center therefore recommends drinking 1.5 to 2 liters of water every day. This is sufficient – in addition to the water you consume through your diet – to fully restore your fluid balance.

A good moisture balance is important because the water in our body controls many physiological processes. For example, it is necessary for the absorption of nutrients, the removal of waste materials and for controlling body temperature. A shortage of water therefore leads to headache, dizziness and, in the long run, even muscle cramps.

Clean water for all

That is our mission and you can contribute to it in many ways:

Donate water to a person or familiy.
Offset your water use.
Tap chilled and sparkling water at work.
Order customizable sustainable water bottles.
Save on water in your hotel.
Serve locally bottled water in your restaurant.

coffee and calories

Coffee or tea with sugar contains a lot of calories, just like cappuccino or a latte. Water not at all, but of course also has a flatter taste. Really cold water or sparkling water do give you the feeling that you really drink something, but then something very healthy.

Cold water still often comes from bottles, but that is not very sustainable. That is why a water cooler connected to the pipe is a better alternative. This way you save a lot of transport and waste.


Drinking water is a very sensible alternative if you want to keep your energy level under control. Coffee (and tea with sugar) causes an energy peak, followed by an inevitable trough that makes us inclined to take even more coffee. Water leaves the regulation of your energy level to your body so that you are not completely empty at the end of the day.

Choose to drink water from a water dispenser connected to the water main. That’s sustainable and refreshing… and even sparkling if you wish. With made blue you’re contributing to access to clean water for all.

Contribute to clean water for all

We are the Made Blue Foundation.
Our mission is clean water for all.
Will you help us achieve our mission?
You can do so in more ways than you might think.

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