Mirroring your water footprint

Why mirror or compensate

We offer the possibility to give back the water that is saved or used with producing goods or delivering services by creating an equal amount of clean water in developing countries. Read more.

Mirroring instead of compensating

We have probably all heard of compensating the CO2 footprint, as it is the case, for example, with planting trees to compensate for a flight. This will make your flight climate neutral.

We use the term mirroring because returning water to developing countries does not mean that you compensate for your own water use. After all, returning clean water to developing countries does not give you back the water you used. That is why we avoid the term “compensation”.

Daarnaast vinden wij compenseren ook een beetje klinken als boete doen voor iets slechts terwijl een bijdrage aan schoon drinkwater altijd goed is en nog mooier als die gekoppeld is aan waterbesparing.

Why mirror?

Why would you consider giving back the amount of water used or saved by donating an equal amount of clean water to developing countries?

We can think of 771,000,000 reasons! That’s the amount of people lacking permanent access to clean water today.

They’re spending hours per day fetching water, loosing time that otherwise might have been spent going to school, to work or taking care of a family.

This is how cold facts are turned into real impact and lasting change, something being truly valued by our customers.

Made Blue ambassador

Real impact

By mirroring your water footprint you make a direct contribution to solving a global issue. Your impact is measurable and quantified: quite different from other ways of donating to charity.

Every 30 Eurocents donated to made blue results in at least 1,000 litres of clean water being delivered, as is shown on your impact certificate and more.

1,000 litres of water means access to clean water and hygiene for a child at school for one entire school year and also preventing carbon emissions and plastic waste.



= 1.000 litres

water in developing countries

+ 7 kg

avoided CO2-emissions

& 500

plastic bottles or bags prevented

rather affordable

Next to real impact made by giving back water saved or used, it doesn’t cost that much either. For example: 1,000 litres of water saved over here leads to a financial saving that is way bigger than the €0,30 needed for giving back that same amount.

Giving back 1,000 litres of water saved only takes 30 Eurocents: about one fifth of the financial savings realized by using less water.

Met onze rekentool kun je zelf uitrekenen wat het kost om je waterverbruik of waterbesparing te spiegelen.

One litre for one litre

In our One litre for one litre program, we offer you the opportunity to mirror the water consumption – or the water savings – of your product, service or organization.

Together we calculate the consumption or saving and determine which donation is needed to realize the same number of litres of clean drinking water in developing countries, guaranteed and certified.

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