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Water projects

where we invest in access to clean water for all

how we make our choice

In consultation with our implementing partners, we choose to work where we can create most impact. Countries where government is unable to install and maintain water supply, regions that lack infrastructure or governance, densely populated slums…

We work together with reliable local partners and government to ensure nobody is put at risk and efforts were not in vain. We train the people from the local communities to carry out maintenance, repairs and even future expansion.

Often people also have to pay a small contribution for the water. In this way we guarantee that there is money for long-term maintenance. More than once this leads to upscaling of the projects by local people themselves.


Early 2020, we visited our project in Ethiopia with a number of ambassadors and witnessed the impact of our joint efforts on the lives of people living in the Addis Ababa slums.
This map shows which countries we currently operate in (blue) and worked in before (grey). We choose regions facing permanent water scarcity and a fairly stable politics. To ensure we really are creating access to clean water for today and for the years to come.

Active projects

Making water everybody’s business

/ / / /
Een vijfjarig waterproject in Ethiopië, uitgevoerd door Amref Flying Doctors.

Said’s Water Vending Machine

/ / / / /
Innovatie en ondernemerschap in Tanzania door de slimme Water Vending Machine.

Golden neighbourhoods on Java

/ /
Our project on Java, Indonesia, west of Bandung. The project is part of “Gerakan Desa Emas”: The movement to create golden neighbourhoods.

Clean drinking water for minority groups

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Since October 2019 we invest in this project in Vietnam with the aim to provide 3,572 people with clean drinking water in their homes.

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