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Water for remote villages in india

By constructing 10 borewells in the Kadapa District in India, we are giving 1,165 families direct access to water in their villages.



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More than 600 million people in India have little or no access to clean water. Depending on the availability of electricity, there are pipelines to the countryside that provide running water. However, this offers little guarantee, because there is often a major shortage of clean water. As a result, water can sometimes only come out of the tap two to three times a week – in the summer sometimes even once a week.

This creates conflict and stress, and forces rural residents to obtain water from other sources. These are sometimes miles away and often polluted, resulting in dangerous situations for everyone’s health. Women in particular are victims of this situation, because they are responsible for clean water at home.

drilling deep well in India


In cooperation with our local partner SPREAWS we will drill wells for 10 villages in the Kadapa District. These villages are located in rural and mountainous areas whose residents face significant socio-economic challenges.

Before installing the borehole, an underground water source is sought, often at a depth of about 150 meters. The quality of the water is extensively checked and ultimately all the hard work results in a platform with a hand pump, where residents can get clean water.

The news of Made Blue’s funding will be met with immense joy by the people in the target villages, as it brings hope for the resolution of their water scarcity problem. We are excited to begin the project immediately so that the communities can have easy access to water closer to their homes.

C.S. Sajid Hussain, President SPREAWS

Lowest caste

The arrival of the borewells in the village will bring benefits to all residents. Most of them belong to the Dalit tribal community, also known as the ‘untouchables’. They are on the lowest social rung of the Hindu caste system and live in extreme poverty, with only the lowest-paid daily wage jobs available to them.

Dangerous situations surrounding the collection and consumption of polluted water will become a thing of the past with the installation of borewells and hand pumps. Thanks to this project, approximately 1,165 families, from young to old, will be provided with clean running water near home.

school children getting water

We expect to complete this project in 2024 and then give more than 5,275 people access to clean drinking water.


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