What is better? Serve spring water or tap water yourself?

What is the difference between well water, tapping water yourself with a water machine or water cooler connected to the pipe, and charitable waters? If you can no longer see the water through the drops, here is the overview.

What is more sustainable?

Tap water yourself has a number of advantages compared to well water from the factory. First of all, it is more sustainable because much less transport and production is coming to fit. Only the machine and your glassware have to be produced once, but they both last a very long time.

If you want to bottle water yourself and if you choose Made Blue, you also ensure a considerable CO2-saving in developing countries. That’s how it works: Made Blue provides 1000 times the content of clean drinking water in developing countries for every bottle of water served. The people who benefit from this no longer have to boil water before they can drink it.

Which is more convenient?

Many hospitality entrepreneurs have little space behind the bar or in the kitchen. If you opt for spring water, you will always have a number of bottles in the refrigerator and in your storage. In addition, your glass container is full faster or you have to keep space for packaging.

If you go for a water dispenser from which you tap cooled and sparkling water yourself, you only need some space for the water cooler on or under the bar and a few empty bottles.

Catering entrepreneurs also indicate that tapping water themselves requires a lot of fewer actions, up to 60% and that of course saves time.

It saves me a lot of lugging, space in the refrigerator and packaging. All in all, I have 60% fewer actions and a better product on the table.

Peter Smits, owner ‘t Zusje

What’s cheaper?

It is sometimes difficult to see how much you, as a catering entrepreneur, actually pay for spring water or mineral water, because the price depends on a total contract with a supplier. We know that the price is between 80 cents and 1.20 euros depending on your brand and volume.

If you want to tap water yourself, you need a machine and some glassware. In particular, the machine is quite pricey. That is why most parties also offer these with a rental price per week or per month. All in all, however, you are almost always cheaper per bottle, unless you only serve a few bottles per evening.

Spring water or mineral water?

What’s the deal? In short: mineral water always comes from a recognized mineral source. Well water is little more than water from any source and that can be your water pipe too. Did you know that you shower in Utrecht with Bar Le Duc?

Is self-bottled water inferior to the quality of spring water? Certainly not: with all the possibilities for filtration, cooling, carbonization and mineralization, it is really no longer necessary to serve spring water or mineral water.

A product exists that’s available at almost no cost and with limitless supply, yet we choose to buy it in supermarkets at 2,000 times the cost: bottled water.

Teun van de Keuken on 24Kitchen

Water for charity

Tap water yourself is therefore more sustainable, easier and cheaper than buying spring water or mineral water. But what if you would like to link it to a good cause?

Most suppliers of water coolers do not have a solution for this. You are then dependent on providers of spring water such as Earthwater and Marie Stella Maris. They donate a small percentage of the profit.

Only Made Blue offers water coolers and glassware at cost price and coupled with a very transparent donation. In this way, every bottle you put on the table provides 1000 times its content in clean drinking water.

Are guests willing to pay?

Do guests want to pay for water that I tap myself? And can I ask for money for tap water?

We did research on this. And it turns out: 92% of the guests want to be able to order tap water. Only 16% are unwilling to pay for it.

If your water is linked to a charity, people are on average willing to pay up to 75% more for it! In addition to a lower purchase price, there is therefore more than enough room for a healthy margin.

The best water for you

At Made Blue, we call our water solutions the best water for the world.
They can also be the best water for you and your guests. We always have a suitable solution and the most beautiful glassware! Is that the best water for you?

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