A water cooler reduces your operations with 60%

A water cooler reduces your operations with 60%

If you use a water cooler to tap your own water for your restaurant, it will save you a lot of time compared to serving factory bottled water: up to 60% according to our ambassadors.

Safe yourself some time

How is that possible? It turns out: there is no longer any need for lugging around the water with crates. The cooling does not have to be filled and no one has to walk to the glass container when the bottle is empty.

If you are in a water cooler to tap water yourself, there are only a few actions left: tapping, serving, clearing and rinsing.

Tap water more sustainable

If you tap water from your water cooler yourself, you are also more sustainable. Where tap water is tapped locally, mineral and spring water must be transported (several times).

The packaging – mostly disposable glass – must also be produced and recycled after use.

At Made Blue we add a lot of impact to this: every bottle you serve provides 1000 times as much clean drinking water. In addition, our water projects also save CO2 and plastic waste.

I got rid of one big glass container, because of using a water cooler.

Hospitality ambassador of Made Blue

Spring water of tap water

Both well water and tap water are extracted from natural or underground sources. In 60% of cases, spring water is extracted from the same layer in the ground as tap water. In that respect, tap water is not so different from spring water. Read more here about…

For example, the Keuringdienst van Waarde made an episode in which they showed that the spring water of some brands comes from exactly the same source as the tap water. “In Utrecht you just flush your toilet with spring water”, was the conclusion of the Keuringdienst van Waarde.

The best water for you

This is why we call our water solutions the best water for the world.
They are sustainable and have 1000 times the impact.
They can also be the best water for you, your guests or your employees.
We have solutions for the hospitality industry, office and on to-go.

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