1000 times as much water?

If you enjoy our water in the catering industry, you provide 1000 times as much clean drinking water.
Each bottle or carafe provides 1000 times its content of water in developing countries.
This is much needed because we still have 785,000,000 people do not have access to safe water.
Made Blue Foundation wants to do something about it and below you can read how.

How it works

If you see our water on the table or on the menu, it means that this location has opted for local tapping of filtered, cooled and sparkling water.

It is so sustainable because it saves a lot of waste and CO2 emissions from factories that bottle water and transport it over long distances.

The location uses a water tap to filter, cool and ‘carbonise’ tap water, i.e. to make the water sparkling. The water is poured into characteristic Made Blue water bottles or carafes, whereby the location always makes a donation with which we can always realize 1,000 times as much clean drinking water in developing countries, for example in the projects below.

Water projects

These are some of our currently ongoing projects enabling access to clean water and hygiene for all.

Water and sanitation at ánd around schools

Children in Ethiopia will get access to water and sanitation at school and the neighbourhood benefits as well. In collaboration with Amref and Castalie.

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Making water everybody’s business

An enterprising water project in Ethiopia lasting five years in the slums of large cities such as the capital Addis Ababa.

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Currently active water projects are displayed on the map. Look for made blue icons on the map. We choose to operate in areas coping with permanent water stress and within relatively stable (political) environments: together with local partners working on lasting change.


Our total impact realized since the start of made blue in 2014 is displayed above. We register the amount of people given permanent access to clean water and hygiene, multiplied by a minimal daily use of 20 litres of water per person, according to United Nations reports.


litres of clean drinking water


people got access


thanks to this much ambassadors


tons of CO2 saved

We promise access to clean water and hygiene for at least 10 years after completing a water project, of course working hard to make our impact last even longer. We’re fair about potential risks involved. Therefore we’re aiming at reaching more people than being targetted, making sure reported impact is even bigger in real life.

Each project is monitored externally, before, during and after completion. We’re being supported by Aqua for All, expert in the field of water and sanitation and operating on behalf of the government of The Netherlands.

It is not uncommon for watercommunities to realize additional taps and expand facilities putting the savings from operating the facilities to good use. The water facilities also attract other local entrepreneurs, creating a knock-on effect that has so much more impact.

Frank van der Tang, co-founder Made Blue

About us

We are the entrepreneurial foundation Made Blue Foundation. Since our foundation at the end of 2014, we have already realized almost 8 billion litres of clean drinking water on behalf of more than 350 ambassadors.

We have an ANBI status and work as transparently as possible.
We minimize costs through lean & mean to work. An independent board oversees our policy.

We do much more

We don’t just put water on the table in the hospitality industry, we go much further to work on our mission. For example, we have a collection of sustainable water bottles and you can buy our water coolers can also be used in the office.

In addition, there are various companies that choose to convert their water consumption or savings into just as much drinking water in our program One litre for one litre.

Latest news

Vietnam update: On TV and extension

In Vietnam we recently celebrated the official opening of the water supply, which to our surprise even made national TV. Another surprise was that there was budget left and that is why we are going…

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Update Wash at schools: the first half of the year

Our project in Ethiopia started more than six months ago, so it’s time for an interim report. In it we see how much is needed before construction can start. There are also quite a few challenges in…

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Uganda update: the preparations

The preparations for our project WASH & Learn in Uganda are in full swing and there is a lot involved. Covid also has a special influence here. Read all about it in this update.

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La Trappe and BrewDog support Made Blue with limited edition

La Trappe and Brewdog are releasing a limited edition beer: Practice What You Preach. With this they provide 100 million liters of clean drinking water via Made Blue.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I also enjoy sustainable (sparkling) water at home?
Of course: the best water comes straight from the tap. Do you want to be assured of a perfectly neutral smell and taste? Then consider placing a water filter, for example under the sink. Do you also want to enjoy sparkling water at home, for example for sparkling water, lemonades and cocktails? There are also many cheap solutions for this, such as Sodastream.
My bottle looks different, how is that possible?
We’ve been in business for a number of years and in that time we’ve changed the design of our bottle from time to time. You also see that restaurants opt for their own design and state our message in a different way. We’re fine with that, as long as they donate on every bottle served.
How do you know how many liters have been served?
We make an agreement with most catering entrepreneurs about an average number of liters served per month, based on figures from the past. Once a year we request the real liters and adjust the numbers where necessary. There are also restaurants that report each quarter how much they have served.
How much does a catering entrepreneur donate per bottle?
For every 30 cents we make 1000 liters of clean drinking water available in developing countries. So for a bottle of 0.7 liters (THIS IS 700 LITER), he or she pays 21 cents. But those are not the only costs, because renting the water cooler and purchasing glassware means that the cost price for the catering entrepreneur is a lot higher and comes close to the well-known brands of spring water.
Can I also donate more?
Yes please! For example, you can donate water for an entire family or choose how many liters you want to donate. Please see our donation page .
What else can I do to contribute?
Our mission is clean drinking water for everyone and you can help in many ways. For example by purchasing products from one of our ambassadors or by organizing a fundraiser. Look here to see what you can do.