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donates 300 litres per hour hired
  • Ambassador since 2018
  • Donates 300 litres per hour hired
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Kinran is a young consultancy firm with a close team of about 25 environmental experts with a passion for the physical living environment and the public domain. They are active for municipalities, environmental services and provinces. They mainly focus on the disciplines of Spatial Planning, Building (licensing, enforcement and supervision, Sustainability and Environment.)

Kinran donates 300 litres of clean drinking water in developing countries per hour worked. That is enough to provide a child with water for three months at school.

“Do you hire Kinran to tackle your sustainable problem? Then thanks to you, 300 litres of water will become available in a developing country per hour worked. And you will therefore also contribute directly to a better living environment at home and abroad.”

Faik Kinran

General manager

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Kinran advises governments on the spatial environment