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Conservation Labs

Donates per H2know unit sold
  • Ambassador since 2020
  • Donates 1,000 gallon (3,785 litres) per unit sold
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Conservation Labs developed a new innovative product to save water: H2know.

H2know takes measurements from your pipe every second and uses our patent-pending technology and machine learning approach to translate those signals to accurate water flow estimates, leak alerts, and water insights.

This information is displayed on your H2know app so it is easy-to-read and to take action. View reports, find leaks, and discover ways to conserve water and save money!

“Every time you do the dishes, flush the toilet, or use any water, the water rushes through the plumbing system to that location and creates a unique sound signature. You can hear it. H2know does too.”

Mark Kovscek

Founder and CEO