Frank van der Tang
Schoon water een zaak voor iedereen - Amref en MADE BLUE
In the suburbs of Addis Ababa more and more people are reached with our water facilities and hygiene education.
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MADE BLUE project Gouden Wijken op West-Java
In 2019 we invested in a new project in Java, Indonesia, in the west of Bandung. The project is partly funded by our ambassador HMSHost and is part of “Gerakan Desa Emas”: the movement to make golden neighborhoods from neighborhoods that now live below the poverty line. Our donations go to the Jatimekar district.
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omgevallen kratten
By bottling your own water in your restaurant using a water cooler, it will save your staff a lot of work compared to serving factory bottled water. This is why!
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Water Vending Machine van Said in Tanzania
The design and installation of the machine have been completed – including the solar panels, audio playback function in the machine and the lighting to make getting water after sunset easier and safer.
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Foto Margreet Noordhoff
We realized 4,878,160,000 liters of clean drinking water. But what does this mean exactly?
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Blycolin is ambassadeur van Een Liter voor Een Liter
Blycolin is the leading international specialist and partner in linen service for the hospitality industry. In collaboration with MADE BLUE, Blycolin mirrors the water they use in their laundries.
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Gekoeld kraanwater tappen
With more than 250 ambassadors, we are already making a significant impact: 1000 fewer trucks per year, 60% less work, 28% lower purchasing costs and 3,000,000 liters of clean drinking water!
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Schoon drinkwater voor iedereen: MADE BLUE en Amref - Ethopiƫ
Eight of the nine planned tap points have now been realized. 9,455 people benefit from the result. Two previously non-functional water taps have been repaired.
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Jamie Street - photo used bij MADE BLUE
What is the difference between source water, tap water and mineral water? In this blog we will explain you the differences!
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