Made Blue mirrors the water used or saved by companies, products and services with generating equal amounts of clean water in developing countries.

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On January 1st 2017 we were proud to announce that we have mirrored over 2.0 billion litres. That means a healthy and active life for more than 250,000 people.


Made Blue in more and more places

When enjoying a latte at Schiphol Airport, using an Tennant cleaning machine or with every stay at the Mövenpick Amsterdam City Center hotel: clean water starts flowing elsewhere on the planet!



Made Blue belongs to the top 10% best performing B-corporations world wide and is awarded 2016 Best for the World Honoree.

Why should I join Made Blue?


Access to clean water provides a basis for health, education, work. Made Blue mirrors the water used or saved by your products or services with equal amounts of water in developing countries.With maximum impact and efficiency:

Every €1 results in 5.000 litres.


We calculate the water footprint of your organisation, product or service and mirror those litres (or the litres saved) one on one with clean water in developing countries. In a certified, measurable and traceable environment, backed by renown charities and partner organisations.


Companies tell us that, by partnering with Made Blue they enhance their brand value, whilst contributing positively to the availability of drinking water elsewhere in the world: every time you enjoy a hotel stay or a fresh orange juice, made blue simultaneously ensures as many litres of clean water elsewhere.

Network for Good

Blycolin, Movenpick Amsterdam City Centre and Made Blue work together to reduce the usage of water in the hotel. Horecanederland TV made a beautiful video of this.

The use of the Quooker COMBI boiling water tap saves a lot of water. Made Blue ensures that all the water that is saved by using the taps in households in the Netherlands in the first year is made available in developing countries as clean drinking water. On behalf of Quooker Made Blue will make available 4200 liters of water for each sold COMBI reservoir. In total this will create 100 miljoen litres of clean drinking water in 2016 in Ethiopia.

The Mövenpick Hotel in Amsterdam, The Hague and Den Bosch together save nearly 20 million litres of water every year through water-saving techniques, both in the room and in the restaurants. The guest will enjoy the accommodation while knowing that there is a whole family in a developing country getting access to clean drinking water at the same time.

The Airfix expansion vessel of Flamco prevents the opening of the safety valve at every production of hot water. This prevents unnecessary waste of clean and heated drinking water. In addition, it extends the life of the overflow valve. For every sold Airfix vessel* Flamco gives back 1200 liters of clean drinking water in areas where water not obvious at all.

KoffiePartners is al meer dan 25 jaar toonaangevend leverancier van koffiemachines voor bedrijven. In het aanbod vindt u vele verschillende koffieautomaten van diverse bekende merken. KoffiePartners introduceert nu Cento%, het nieuwe eigen merk prestigieuze espressobonen met een unieke samenwerking met Cordaid en Made Blue.

The Interfood Group is one of the leading global dairy suppliers with a distribution of around 700,000 MT of dairy products per year. For 5 years, Inter Food will invest an amount Made via Blue that makes it possible to make the same amount of clean drinking water available as the water needed to dissolve the product volumes of Interfood in West Africa.

Blycolin. The international partner in linen services for (medical) hotels, restaurants, holiday parks and wellness centers. Forty years of experience and knowledge. In the Netherlands and abroad. Renting and/or purchasing. Personal and advising. Your linen partner in hospitality that contributes to the quality you want to give your customers. Nice to meet you!

Blankers Clean offers a total package of maintenance cleaning, glass and facade cleaning, specialist cleaning and facility services throughout Southern Netherlands. We stand for “Thankful work”. This means being good to each other for the best results.

Launching partner

Vebego is a family company that operates internationally in the areas of facility services, personnel services, healthcare and sheltered employment. Multiple Vebego companies offer their customers to mirror the water used at the clients site through Made Blue, a litre for a litre. The donated money is invested in water projects in countries that relate to the employees of Vebego.

Compass Group is the world leader in food and support services.In the Netherlands more than 5,500 employees of Compass Group provide food and support services to nearly 1,000 companies, hospitals, restaurants, schools and (government) organizations. The activities are conducted under the names and Eurest, Eurest Services. Compass Group has joined Made Blue to be able to make a very transparant donation to water projects in countries where clean drinking water is not obvious. They are balancing all consumptions in almost 1.000 restaurants with twice this amount of consumptions of clean drinking water.

MAAS joins Made Blue with mirroring consumptions from its vending machines with investing in clean water in developing countries. A liter for a liter: Each and every use of a MAAS vending machine directly contributes to the availability of drinking water elsewhere on the planet. Hereby MAAS realizes an equal amount of clean water made available in developing counties, as served through MAAS vending machines here. Made Blue perfectly fits the MAAS sustainability program by making transparent investments directly at the source!

Tulper is a new Dutch brand of hip, reusable products to prevent plastic. For every bottle or bidon sold Tulper provides 1,000 times as much clean water in developing countries through Made Blue.

Tennant Company is a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Tennant’s industrial and commercial sweepers, scrubbers, detergents, carpet cleaners, vacuum cleaners, single disc, ultra-high-speed machines and more deliver award-winning cleaning solutions. Tennant offers its customers the possibility to mirror the water consumption of the machines entirely through Made Blue.

The Fokker Terminal in The Hague is a multi-functional full-service congres and event venue. All water that is used within the building of the Fokker Terminal for toilets, cleaning, cooking and gardens is mirrored by Made Blue. On top of this every customer is offered to also mirror the water needed in the production chain of the food and drinks consumed, based on an average per customer.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of Europe’s major airport gateways, with more than 55 million passengers in 2014. HMSHost operates more than 70 restaurants and catering points at Schiphol, including bread!, East Bar & Bites, Park Café, Dutch Kitchen & Bar and Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar. All the water needed for the production and consumption of the drinks is served is mirrored in this trade items via Made Blue.

AquaFox takes care of clean glasses and the environment. This unique system regulates the water-soapbalance in the sinks of many restaurants and cafes. On the basis of the number of cleaned glasses AquaFox adds soap and fresh water. This continuous process prevents bacteria growth and guarantees a clean glass with less water.

Arion introduces new concepts in healthcare. One of these products is Swash, this concept provides a hygienic, quick and convenient solution for washing dependents. Swash uses cloths and wipes with a special lotion that cleans and protects the skin. The water that was saved by making use of Swash in stead of a wash-tub is made available by Arion in the countries where it is needed the most.

Electrolux Professional is a world leader in the field of catering equipment and commercial laundry systems. Washers, dryers, centrifuges and finishing equipment from Electrolux Professional can be found worldwide in laundries, hotels, apartment complexes and wellness centers. More and more companies increase their service with an in-house laundry. Electrolux is well known for the special ‘pay per wash “option. Electrolux has chosen to mirror the water consumed by all professional washing machines in use at the clients’ sites.

Care has more than 1,100 highly motivated and well trained cleaners throughout Belgium. The cleaners use products that affect the environment as little as possible. They also promote day cleaning so that the customers save on their lighting and heating. There Made Blue fits with: Care reflects all the litres of water that are saved by applying the latest cleaning techniques.

SpaSereen is a brand new wellness centre next to the ‘Maarsseveense plassen’. Al drinking water that is consumed by the visitors is mirrored with drinking water made available in developing countries.

Bundles presents ‘pay per use’ for household equipment. Now, Washbundles: a membership for washing with a sustainable Miele washing machine in your home and an app that helps you using the machine better to save energy and water. Every litre of water used by the washing machines is balanced by Made Blue.

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods and Made Blue cooperate to make clean drinking water available to those in environments coping with great amounts of water stress. For the time to come, Vreugdenhil and Made Blue jointly finance waterprojects in developing countries: the water extracted from milk in The Netherlands, is mirrored with drinking water made available in markets in which the Vreugdenhil milk powder is sold and that deal with serious water stress.

IBN Facilitair offers all facility services in and around buildings and houses: cleaning, catering, maintenance, gardening, document services and a meeting centre. Working with IBN Facilitair is also a way of  extending your corporate social responsibility. IBN Facilitair mirrors the water usages of all her own offices.

Stoffels Bleijenberg is a cleaning company in Zeeland and Brabant. This family company offers clients the option to mirror the water used for its cleaning services via Made Blue.


STY mineral water comes from the flowing springs of the old domain in Céroux – Mousty. The quality of the mineral water Sty is recognized by the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine. For every bottle sold STY ensures that someone in a developing country will also have access to clean drinking water for a day.

From its headquarters in Hilversum Westerveld coordinates daily and periodical cleaning maintenance for 300 clients who are mainly located in the Randstad. Westerveld offers clients the option to mirror all of the liters consumed for this cleaning via Made Blue.

The first of its kind, the I-mop solves the problems of floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a floor mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber driers. Most areas are still being cleaned by mop and bucket, because other floor machines are just not flexible enough to work in most spaces. Although the I-mop hardly uses any water, still the remaining water is balanced with investments in the projects of Made Blue.

Veri is a USDA certified organic and low-calorie craft soda sweetened with organic cane sugar and organic stevia.

For decades, DEAC has one simple goal: to make the perfect espresso coffee, so that every entrepreneur can really spoil its customers and employees.

Clean water, healthy Masai in Kajiado

The Kajiado-district in Kenia is a dry region with very few sources of clean drinking water. Nomadic Masai are living in this area with their cattle. Knowledge about clean water and hygiene is missing. This causes a lot of diseases among (pregnant) women and children. In some areas only 25% of the people have access to clean drinking water. 1 in 8 children dies before reaching the age of 5. Amref Flying Doctors is taking care of better and permanent access to clean (drinking) water and less diseases caused by polluted water.

Safe drinking water in Bangladesh, even during disasters

This project is implemented in the most vulnerable coastal districts in southern Bangladesh, a region prone to cyclones and floods. Cordaid constructs safe drinking water facilities in 39 schools in the Bhola district. Safe: because the water pumps are placed on an elevated platform and will not be destroyed or polluted during floods. During disasters, the schools are used as evacuation centers. This way, the local inhabitants (53,625 persons) have access to safe drinking water all year round, even during emergencies.

Community-led WASH and Safe Motherhood

The 3-year project enables 87.000 extremely poor people, living in hard to reach areas in South Bangladesh moving towards a healthier life through access to safe and clean drinking water, sanitation and safe motherhood. This includes appr. 170 deep tube water wells, 5.000 latrines (simple toilets) and education. Furthermore Max Foundation will train 60 traditional birth assistants and build water wells and toilet blocks for 75 schools.

WaSH program in Rural Bangladesh

Considering the unhealthy and unhygenic environment in rural school and community in southern part of Bangladesh, PSTC will initiate WaSH for schools and communities. lt ensures drinking water and sanitation both in school and community by installing 70 waterpoints, 12 rainwater tanks on schools and 18 sanitation blocks. In addition, hygiene promotion is done through group meeting/courtyard meeting in school and community.

Water Supply Development at Dembia, Ethiopia

Inadequate safe water supply and poor sanitation and hygiene is still the pressing problem of Guramba Bata community, Dembia Woreda (Ethiopia). Most of the community members obtain water from unsafe sources. This affects the health of the community, especially women and girls. The proposed water supply project is thus to improve access to safe and adequate water supply of more than 4000 people.

Clean water for Bandung slums

The Bandung clean water project aims to target small communities in the outskirts of Bandung (Java, Indonesia). The slums are officially within the supply area of the water company but cannot be supplied by a piped network (simply because there is no distribution network in the neighbourhood). A local borehole needs to be drilled, mechanised and network will be constructed including standpipes. Further a WASH training will be organised for the community. After construction the local utility company will be responsible for the organisation & maintanance, guaranteeing sustainability.


Together with these charities we work hard towards one goal: creating access to clean water for all.

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