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Clean drinking water for everyone

We believe this is feasible in fairly simple way: by mirroring our daily

water use to countries where clean drinking water is not always

available. This way we make water out of water!


Made Blue in more and more places

Whether you enjoy a latte at Schiphol Airport, use a Tennant cleaning machine

or consume table water at Huis Ter Duin: you might be served by MADE BLUE!


What can you do to #makeitblue?


2.132.481.291 LITRES

So far we realized more than 2,1 billion litres of clean drinking water!

That means a healthy and active life for more than 250,000 people.

Our story

We want clean drinking water for everyone

We believe that we can give everyone access to clean drinking water. And that is more feasible than you might think! By working together with experienced partners we are able to provide AND maintain access to clean drinking water at limited costs.

...because everything starts with water.

Still approximately 663,000,000 people lach access to clean drinking water. Sometimes they have to walk up to 6 hours a day to get water from a well that often even is polluted. Precious time that cannot be spent going to school, finding a job or being nurtured. A good health, de chance to go to school, finding a job: it all starts with water.

That is why we make water out of water...


At more and more spots we mirror our daily water use in countries where clean drinken water is nog always available.

Do you want to know how? Read more here about our products and services.

... with entrepreneurship.


We want to make it appealing for everyone to join MADE BLUE. Therefore we like to think along with our clients how to fit the mirroring principle into their business. Only this way we can create a mechanism that work for everyone and guarantees permanent impact in developing countries!


Read more in our portfolio about the ambassadors who joined us already!

Our values

We strive to generate impact,

We guarantee 5,000 litres of clean drinking water for every euro that is donated to us. These funds we invest in sustainable water projects: that means water projects which guarantee permanent access to water.



We work together with reliable partners as to guarantee transparency. Our water projects are being monitored before and afterwards execution by Aqua for All and the distribution of our funds by PwC.



We want to make it appealing for everyone to join MADE BLUE. Therefore we like to think along with our clients how to fit the mirroring principle into their business. Only this way we can create a mechanism that work for everyone and guarantees permanent impact in developing countries!


Read more in our portfolio about the ambassadors who joined us already!

and connecting partners.

We like to connect partners with each other. Blycolin, Mövenpick Amsterdam City Centre and MADE BLUE  for example are working together to reduce and mirror the water use in the hotel chain.


Watch this Dutch broadcast of Horecanederland TV to learn more.

Our products and services


Serve your guests, your business and the world. For every 35 cents you donate per 0,7 l water bottle, you realize 1.000 litres in a country where clean drinking water is needed!


Yes, I want to #makeitblue!


Mirror your waterfootprint or water savings in a developing country: a liter for a litre.





Yes, I want to #makeitblue!


The best water for your employees, your organization and the world. Each carafe of MADE BLUE guarantees 10.000 times as much clean drinking water in developing countries.


Yes, I want to #makeitblue!

At home

De best way to enjoy tapwater at home or on the move! Our 100% sustainable water bottle mirrors 100 times as much of its content.




Yes, I want to #makeitblue!

Watersupply in Kedougou, Senegal

To improve access to safe and adequate water supply of the community, the proposed water project activities will aim for two water systems from 2 boreholes sources – one in the District of Salemata and one in the District of Kedougou. This water supply project will include drilling and development of two boreholes, construction of storage structure, pressure system and distribution networks and school fountains.

Clean water a matter for everyone, Ethiopia

As of 2016, the contribution of Made Blue to Amref Flying Doctors is invested in the new five-year health program “Clean water: a matter for everyone.” The program builds upon a successfully completed water and sanitation programs in Ethiopia. Our goal is to reach more than 140,000 people in slums and poor neighborhoods in Ethiopia with access to water, sanitation and hygiene education.

WaSH program in Rural Bangladesh

Considering the unhealthy and unhygienic environment in rural school and community in southern part of Bangladesh, local partner PSTC will initiate WaSH for schools and communities. lt ensures drinking water and sanitation both in school and community by installing 70 waterpoints, 12 rainwater tanks on schools and 18 sanitation blocks. In addition, hygiene promotion is done through group meeting/courtyard meeting in school and community.

Water Supply Development at Dembia, Ethiopia

Inadequate safe water supply and poor sanitation and hygiene is still the pressing problem of Guramba Bata community, Dembia Woreda (Ethiopia). Most of the community members obtain water from unsafe sources. This affects the health of the community, especially women and girls. The proposed water supply project is thus to improve access to safe and adequate water supply of more than 4000 people.

Clean water, healthy Masai in Kajiado

The Kajiado-district in Kenia is a dry region with very few sources of clean drinking water. Nomadic Masai are living in this area with their cattle. Knowledge about clean water and hygiene is missing. This causes a lot of diseases among (pregnant) women and children. In some areas only 25% of the people have access to clean drinking water. 1 in 8 children dies before reaching the age of 5. Amref Flying Doctors is taking care of better and permanent access to clean (drinking) water and less diseases caused by polluted water.

Access to drinking water in Côte d’Ivoire

Access to clean water and sanitation is a human right. Unfortunately, this is not the case in the Dimbokro region in Côte d’Ivoire. The Red Cross is therefore active in Dimbokro to achieve clean drinking water for 12,645 most vulnerable residents by ensuring that in 2019 there are five new water sources with hand pumps designed and in operation. Also, 44 water pumps are repaired, a (water) infrastructure is being built at 2 schools and at 2 health centers and instruction and information material is given to the local population.

The use of the Quooker COMBI boiling water tap saves a lot of water. Made Blue ensures that all the water that is saved by using the taps in households in the Netherlands in the first year is made available in developing countries as clean drinking water. On behalf of Quooker Made Blue will make available 4200 liters of water for each sold COMBI reservoir. In total this will create 100 miljoen litres of clean drinking water in 2016 in Ethiopia.

The Mövenpick Hotel in Amsterdam, The Hague and Den Bosch together save nearly 20 million litres of water every year through water-saving techniques, both in the room and in the restaurants. The guest will enjoy the accommodation while knowing that there is a whole family in a developing country getting access to clean drinking water at the same time.

MAAS joins Made Blue with mirroring consumptions from its vending machines with investing in clean water in developing countries. A liter for a liter: Each and every use of a MAAS vending machine directly contributes to the availability of drinking water elsewhere on the planet. Hereby MAAS realizes an equal amount of clean water made available in developing counties, as served through MAAS vending machines here. Made Blue perfectly fits the MAAS sustainability program by making transparent investments directly at the source!

The Fokker Terminal in The Hague is a multi-functional full-service congres and event venue. All water that is used within the building of the Fokker Terminal for toilets, cleaning, cooking and gardens is mirrored by Made Blue. On top of this every customer is offered to also mirror the water needed in the production chain of the food and drinks consumed, based on an average per customer.

SpaSereen is a brand new wellness centre next to the ‘Maarsseveense plassen’. Al drinking water that is consumed by the visitors is mirrored with drinking water made available in developing countries.

Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods and Made Blue cooperate to make clean drinking water available to those in environments coping with great amounts of water stress. For the time to come, Vreugdenhil and Made Blue jointly finance waterprojects in developing countries: the water extracted from milk in The Netherlands, is mirrored with drinking water made available in markets in which the Vreugdenhil milk powder is sold and that deal with serious water stress.

At Initial, an international recognized leader in innovative & digital rental solutions for all customers in hygiene and workwear markets, we strive to create safe and hygienic working environments. Water constitutes a central element in our service activities and we are committed to making it our priority that it’s used with utmost care. By reflecting the 22,900,000 litres of water saved with the same volume of clean drinking water, we provide more than 3,000 people elsewhere on our planet for an entire year with the ideal basis for good health and hygiene.

Novotel Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is a beautifully designed hotel at a very convenient location close to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and Amsterdam’s city centre. It is the perfect hotel for travelers or for organizing meetings or congresses. By serving MADE BLUE water to their guests Novotel Amsterdam Airport Schiphol contribute to water projects in countries where safe drinking water is not guaranteed available.

A preference for simplicity and tradition, but without the fear to innovate: that is the vision of restaurant Lastage* in Amsterdam. De historic and adventurous Lastage neighborhood is still one of the most beautiful spots in Amsterdam. Restaurant Lastage* makes the neighborhood even more beautiful by serving MADE BLUE water that guarantees 1.000 times as much safe drinking water in developing countries.

As a supplier of water cooling systems and as partner of JOGG – Youth On Healthy Weight – Waterlogic has already been involved in projects to enhance our children’s lifestyle for years. Herein stimulating drinking sufficient water at school plays a key role. But how do we get our students to chose water? With creative solutions like the FeelGoodPoint Waterlogic literally brings an experience to the tapping point – in the name of HydroYou. The coolest way for students to fill their own cool water bottle with tap water. That’s what we call “Nog sugar, no waste” and now even better for our world by supporting Made Blue!


Contact us

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+31 708 919 492


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Facebook: watermadeblue
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We would love to drink a cup of coffee with you (22 litres of water). Therefore we can visit you or you can visit us at one of our partners’ office: Amref Flying Doctors, Red CrossSimavi and World Vision.

Or click the link below and we contact you within 24 hours.

Call me back!


Made Blue works closely together with:


PwC  for securing transparency


Royal HaskoningDHV for sharing knowledge about water scarcity and the industrial market


MERKKwater as a supplier of hardware for hospitality businesses


ReTulp as a supplier of refillable water bottles


The Made Blue Foundation is registered with ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) at the Dutch tax authority under RSIN number 8545.63.933. The Made Blue foundation donates 100% of the incoming funds to water projects in developing countries.

MADE BLUE Foundation


All funds of the participants of MADE BLUE are collected bij the Made Blue Foundation. This foundation is registered with ANBI status (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling) at the Dutch tax authority under RSIN number 8545.63.933.


All the funds are invested under supervision of Aqua for All in water projects which are executed by: Amref Flying Doctors, Het Rode KruisSimavi and World Vision.


The water projects need to meet to following requirements: 1. realizing a measurable quantity of drinkwater, 2. being sustainable, both ecologically and economically, 3. being transparent and efficient and 4. being located in an region where there is a permanent shortage of clean drinking water.


The Made Blue foundation has three purposes:

1. Stimulating clean drinking water in developing countries;
2. Raising the awareness regarding the water footprint of organizations, products and consumers.
3. All that concerns, is related to or can be conducive to the issues as mentioned above.

To achieve this the Made Blue foundation has developed the propositions as named on the website, as to provide organizations, consumers and hospitality entrepreneurs with an opportunity to invest in water projects in a transparant and tangible way.


The board of the Made Blue Foundation surveys the execution of all raised funds and the selection of the water projects:


R.E. Pot – chairman


F. van der Tang – secretary


M. van Dooren – treasurer


A. van Waning – member


C. Gadella – van Wersch – member


The members of the board do not receive any rewards for the activities they carry out on behalf of the board, except for the reimbursement of related expenses. At this point the Made Blue Foundation has no employees contracted.


Annual report

The first annual report of the foundation of 2016 can be downloaded here.


Cumulatively 424.349 euros have been pledged to the Made Blue foundation in 2016. These funds are distributed to the affiliated charities as agreed in advance under the supervision of Aqua For All. The concerning charities invest these funds in the projects as mentioned on our websites and guarantee to provide at least 2.132.481.291 litres of water to those people who did not have acces to clean drinking water up to now.

We thank our partners

Together with Amref Flying Doctors we are working on projects as to provide access to clean drinking water and to improve hygiene in the slums around the major cities in Ethiopia, like Addis Abeba and Adama.

In corporation with World Vision we realize wells in Senegal en Ethiopia: the used systems and techniques guarantees a sustainable water provision for a significant large group of users in the region.

Recently Simavi realized 32 water pumps, 20 toilets and 14 rainwater collecting systems in the region of Khulna in Bangladesh with a contribution of MADE BLUE .

Together with the Dutch Red Cross we currently work on a project in Ivory Coast where both new drinkwater provisions are constructed and old ones are restored.