WASH & Learn: involving the boys (VIDEO)

Our project WASH & Learn in Uganda goes a long way. So much so that the boys are also involved in making sanitary towels so that they understand how important it is for their classmates.

Changing room

In this short video you can see how WASH & Learn works at a school in Uganda. Not only do you see what the water supplies with toilets look like, but also how the whole class is involved.

In this way they ensure that the girls continue to attend school. This prevents many child marriages and finally gives girls perspective in their lives through something as simple as sanitary towels and a changing room.

WASH & Learn

This project is actually a follow-up to Said’s water vending machines in Tanzania. Innovation was central to that project, resulting in the vending machines. In this new phase, we are expanding to Uganda to provide communities with water there too.

However, that does not mean that we can choose exactly the same approach and technique. We have to look at how we work per location. In this way we also arrived at what we are going to do in concrete terms here: realizing 15 new water points, rehabilitating 3 old ones, 19 rainwater collection tanks and 15 hand washing points.

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