Vietnam update: construction started

Vietnam update:
Construction started

In our project in Vietnam the start of the construction work has been central in recent months and construction is now underway! This does not alter the fact that information to the local community has also continued, because that is just as important. We want to achieve a sustainable result before the end of July.

Bidding process completed

The bidding process has been successfully completed. A party has been chosen for the construction, but also a party as supervisor. They will work closely together over the coming months to supervise construction and ensure the quality of the water supply system. In addition, the team, together with the supervisor, will provide training to community representatives so that they can also supervise construction.

Local involvement

The local government has been actively involved in the project from the start. They value the activities very much and expect a great impact on the lives of the local population, especially children and women.

As a token of commitment and dedication, Dien Quang Municipality has made a land area of 1,000 m2 available for the water pumping station. In addition, the Dien Quang community board also selected 6 members of the community council to act as representatives to oversee the construction and ensure the quality of the construction process.


A total of 16 information sessions were organized in all 6 villages. 500 people took part in this. 210 households with the most vulnerable families were visited at home and informed about clean water and sanitation.

WASH activities also took place in schools. Through role plays, skits and the ‘Ringing the Golden Bell’ competition, attention was paid to the environment, clean water, good hygiene and hand washing in a playful, interactive way. All (100%) of the children in primary and secondary schools have now been informed. The increased awareness of hand washing comes in handy in the current time with Corona.


In the coming period, we will facilitate the establishment of a water management committee together with the local authorities. This committee will be responsible for the water system – including technical and financial management – ensuring that the water supply supplies sufficient clean water to all households in the 6 villages and schools.

The members of the committee will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to properly maintain the system through training courses. But not only that: general information on topics such as clean water, good hygiene, behavioral change and ways to filter water are also discussed. With this they can continue to inform the community, also in the future!

At the end of July we expect to complete the project successfully and within budget, despite Covid-19 and thanks to the local team!

The end goal

What was that again? Our goal is improved access to clean drinking water for the local community and especially children in Vietnam.

To achieve this, a water supply system will be built, including a pipe system that will supply water to six distribution points in six village centers and then connect it to 714 households, a kindergarten, a primary and a secondary school. We do all this as sustainably as possible, so with local involvement and a lot of information.

Clean drinking water for minorities

In October 2019 we started this project together with World Vision Vietnam. It focuses on the municipality of Dien Quang in the district of Ba Thuoc. This municipality is mainly inhabited by the Muong – a minority group in Vietnam – who are not seen as a priority by the government.

The project runs from October 2019 to March 2021 and aims to provide 3,572 people with clean drinking water and thereby improve their health and quality of life.

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