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mirrors every consumption
  • Ambassador since 2015
  • Donates one consumption of clean water for every consumption from a Maas coffee machine
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MAAS joins Made Blue by mirroring all consumptions from its vending machines with investing in equal amounts of clean water in developing countries. A litre for a litre: each and every use of a MAAS vending machine directly contributes to the availability of drinking water elsewhere on the planet. Hereby MAAS realizes an equal amount of clean water made available in developing counties, as is served through MAAS vending machines here. Made Blue perfectly fits the MAAS sustainability program by making transparent investments directly at the source!

“As an ambassador to Made Blue Foundation, Maas invests in access to clean drinking water for people living in developing countries. That automatically involves all of MAAS clients with this initiative without any extra cost.”

Marlies van Lohuizen

Chief Commercial Officer

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Maas and MADE BLUE are making impact together…