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mirrors the water used by plant at clients' offices
  • Ambassador since 2018
  • Donates 75 litres per year for each plant at client's locations
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Ambius is the global expert in providing interior landscaping for almost any environment, from boutique hotels to shopping centers and international corporate headquarters, hospitals, schools and even cruise ships. And now more green than ever! In 2018 Ambius mirrors the water that is needed for watering their plants: approximately 75 litres per planter. Herewith Ambius provides clean drinking water to 349 families for one year.

“We are proud of what we achieve with our donation and that we contribute to creating awareness about the access to clean water at the same time – which for us is such a standard that we even water our plants with it.

Harri Smit


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Ambius also offers its customers water coolers for the office from MADE BLUE, but in a special design.