Update Said: Selma from Simavi explains

Update Said:
Selma from Simavi explains

For this innovative project in Tanzania we work together with implementing partner Simavi.
Project officer Selma Hilgersom explains in a video what it is all about and that is more than you might think.

Selma Hilgersom

This water project is an innovation in the field of water dispensing: you toss a coin into the machine, after which water comes out. “That seemed like witchcraft to the locals.”

Selma Hilgersom, who leads the project from implementing partner Simavi, explains in this video how important it is to involve the local population in such a project.

If you don’t properly embed an innovation like this in context, people may think magic is at stake.

Selma Hilgersom, project office Simavi

Said’s water vending machine

Said developed the Water Vending Machine: a super smart system that can provide safe drinking water using solar energy.

After a successful pilot in Nugototo Village (Dodoma region), he wants to expand his work to Ngomai. With that he reaches 7,000 people. But that is not his end goal. His mission is the same as ours: clean drinking water for everyone!

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