The alternative to packaged water: the Bottle Made Blue

We would all like to put an end to the nonsense of packaged water. Sometimes that is challenging: not everyone has a refillable water bottle with them at all times and available alternatives are expensive to give away (for free). We therefore developed a very affordable and reusable alternative with an enormous impact: the Bottle Made Blue.

The different options for personalization

500 litres per bottle

This is the Bottle Made Blue: a BPA-free glass-like water bottle, unbreakable & dishwasher safe, long-life & 100% recyclable, made in The Netherlands.

Never before has a reusable bottle of this quality been so affordable and fully customizable: starting €1,31 each.

Most importantly, each bottle provides 500 litres of clean drinking water in our water projects, ensuring access to clean water and hygiene for a child at school for about 6 months.

Meanwhile it is also saving at least 3,5kgs of carbon emissions and preventing 4+ kgs of plastic waste. Read more about this…

Your own unique design

The Bottle Made Blue is available from stock from 100 pieces with a striking Made Blue print. The bottle can then be personalized with a print on the cap (per 100 pieces) or a doming sticker.

If you go for your own printing all around, you can do that from 1.320 pieces at very competitive pricing.

Below you see a selection of the options. Contact us contact to see what suits you best.

This easy-to-implement and sustainable initiative has so many benefits: elimination of single-use plastic bottles, less manual handling by domestic workers, less transportation to and from the hotel, unlimited refills for hotel guests and 500 litres of water donated for every bottle sold.

Floris Licht, General Manager Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Free water bar?

Let your guests fill their own bottle with filtered (and cooled) tap water, that’s so sustainable! It also saves you a lot of work and you have a nice communication point, such as this example from Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Purchase or rent a water fountain at cost price from Made Blue. Combined with Bottle Made Blue implementation, we are even able to offer a water fountain free of charge.

There are water taps in many shapes and sizes: built-in, surface-mounted, free-standing, with or without bubbles. Read all about it on our page about water coolers.

Less expensive than PET?

Packaged water quickly costs 50 cents and then there are additional costs for collecting and disposing of the waste. There are also many social costs involved: the ‘true price’ of packaged water is up to twice higher than the cost.

The Bottle Made Blue can be used for a cost that is lower than packaged water. We are happy to explain how!

With a retail value of €14.95, the Bottle Made Blue is the best packaging for on-the-go water for your guests, for you and for the world. Also choose the Bottle Made Blue and help put an end to the nonsense of packaged water.

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Not what you’re looking for?

We have many more reusable water bottles, glassware and even prepackaged water. Together they are the best water for the world!

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