Pre-bottled water from Made Blue

From now on Made Blue also offers pre-packaged water. This news may come as a surprise from us, as proponents of locally sourced water. However, we’ve noticed we can’t always provide lunchrooms, hotels and events with the best water in the world. Therefore we are pleased to announce our new interactive glass bottles with an impact of 100 litres of clean drinking water per bottle. Continue reading for more details.

The most impact for the lowest price

Our core mission hasn’t changed: clean drinking water for everyone. That is exactly we decided to introduce this water, which will generate the most impact of all pre-packaged charity waters available – at a much lower price point.

The glass bottles are ideal for smaller catering establishments, hotel rooms or temporary settings. We’ll start out with 750ml bottles, both flat and sparkling, followed by smaller 330ml bottles – with the same impact.

Let your customer choose

Each bottle, both 750ml and 330ml, is guaranteed to provide 100 litres of clean drinking water. Your guest can even assign these litres to one of our water projects of their choice by scanning the QR code. This makes the impact of your establishment even more tangible for your guests and customers.

You can order the bottles on the Jetdrinks site. Delivery is within 48 hours once you create an account.

Partnership with Jetdrinks

We are collaborating on this water with catering distributor Jetdrinks. This allows us to service the whole Benelux directly. Jetdrinks has been active as a wholesaler of more sustainable and innovative food products since 2001. Jetdrinks has been active as a wholesaler of more sustainable and innovative food products since 2001.

Shown in the photo above are the happy smiles of Dmitri Peters, co-owner of Jetdrinks, and our own Machiel van Dooren – together with a total of 100 litres of water. That is more than you think! Did you know that every one of our new bottles provides drinking water for an entire family in Ethiopia for a day?


In addition to these new glass bottles, we have a number of other options for you to serve water in an impactful way at your location, event or other occasion. Whatever your choice, you always contribute to our mission: clean drinking water for everyone.

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