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i-team global

  • Ambassador since 2015
  • Donates 18 litres of clean drinking water for every i-mop in operation.
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The first of its kind, the i-mop solves the problems of floor cleaning systems by combining the flexibility of a floor mop with the power and speed of industrial scrubber driers. We found out that most areas are still being cleaned by mop and bucket, because other floor machines are just not flexible enough to work in most spaces. The i-mop makes it possible to clean any surface, with freedom of movement and great ease of use. No borders or boundaries. The water that is used by all active i-mop machines worldwide is mirrored by generating equal amounts of clean drinking water in developing countries with Made Blue Foundation.

“The i-mop isn’t just designed for cleaning, it is designed for the cleaner.”

On screen

i-team made this beautiful animation about our partnership: