With MADE BLUE you enjoy chilled, still and sparkling purified tap water at work:
the perfect taste, less handling and way more sustainable:
Made Blue Water not only saves CO2 emissions over here, but in developing countries as well.
What’s more, you ensure one million litres of clean drinking water in developing countries every year!



Choose (optional) for the equipment that fits your business and capacity to enjoy purified chilled, still, sparkling and even hot tap water, starting at a €39/month all-in donation.


Choose your own glassware and communication materials and share the story about our joint efforts towards a more sustainable world and clean water for all to your colleagues and visitors.


A fixed monthly donation ensures the most sustainable way of enjoying water at work and one million litres of clean water in developing countries made available on your behalf.


Have your colleagues and visitors enjoy Made Blue Water: the best water for your business and the planet. Have the world enjoy reduced CO2 emissions  and millions of litres of clean water.


Why is MADE BLUE the best water for your colleagues, your business and the world?

Healthy and impressive

Made Blue is water with a perfect taste and impressive story: not only boosting health and wellbeing of your colleagues but also making real impact elsewhere on the planet.


Ambassadors of MADE BLUE do not need to invest in equipment, maintenance or glassware and do not sign up for a minimum volume or duration.

easy and green

Water bottling factories, road transport and glass waste: it is not necessary. The best water is bottled inhouse, right in your restaurant. That’s better, easier and most sustainable!

We have equipment that fits your setting and provide beautiful glassware that corresponds with your style.
  • Hospitality Group

    With the mission ‘Creating better places’ a sparkling water machine from MADE BLUE is indispensable.

  • Cormet catering

    The students and teachers of Wageningen University (WUR) enjoy cooled still and sparkling water from MADE BLUE in the restaurant. They make their drinks even better with the organic syrups from Walden.

  • i-team global

    It’s nice to see how our visitors react to our MADE BLUE storytelling wall as they enter our office.” Especially when they also make use of the MADE BLUE decanters with fresh chilled and sparkling water during our meetings and events.” Gyselle Broeders, Event Manager

  • Nedelko

    “We can definitely recommend partnering with Made Blue Foundation as a business. Besides the fact that you you support people living in developing countries, you also enjoy a nice cool glass of water in the office and an impactful story in your pantry. “

litres of clean water
people access to water for 10 yrs

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