From water to art

Original artwork inspired by Made Blue

We’re thrilled and honoured to have inspired UK artist Sarah Boris to create a marvellous artwork, influenced by our collaboration with Lore Group Hotels. It is on display in the One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel lobby, one of our newest ambassadors.

Creativity meets charity

The artwork aims to elevate the concept of clean drinking water and is crafted from upcycled textiles. Sarah collaborated with Margate-based seamstress and sustainable fashion designer Louise Halswell, who runs the sustainable fashion brand Fuud London, for the fabrication.

We love the result and are pleasantly surprised that our dedication to providing access to clean water for all has inspired such a beautiful artwork. In the video below you can see the artists’ process.

Upcycled textiles

It was artist Sarah Boris’ idea to collaborate with Louise Halswell to craft the piece from recycled cloth rather than traditional vinyl – a first for the One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel.

The use of upcycled materials perfectly matches our mission. The production of fabric and clothes is an enormous contributor to water pollution and scarcity, especially in countries where access to water isn’t guaranteed for everyone, like Bangladesh – a country known for its many factories producing clothes for brands worldwide.

We often collaborate with local artists to create one-off pieces on our lobby mirror and Sarah Boris was our top choice to commission for this campaign, as an artist who embraces sustainability.

Anna Ashmore, Marketing Director

7,5 million litres

One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel wanted to find a unique way to promote our partnership to their hotel guests and locals visiting the hotels’ outlets.

‘We often collaborate with local artists to create one-off pieces on our lobby mirror and Sarah Boris was our top choice to commission for this campaign, as an artist who embraces sustainability’, Marketing Director Anna Ashmore tells us. ‘We knew of Sarah’s talent and felt her pieces and ethos perfectly suited our Made Blue messaging.’ We couldn’t agree more!

One Hundred Shoreditch Hotel has recently joined Made Blue as an ambassador, aiming to donate over 7,5 million litres of clean water to our cause yearly. This will yield significant impact, translating to access to clean water for at least 107 people.

Enjoy water to give water

(Warm) water has the single largest impact on a hotel’s use of energy, which can result in quite the expenditure. Wouldn’t it be great if you could convince your guests to take a slightly shorter shower and reduce their water use?

We let you save an average of 100 litres of water per hotel night by encouragingly involving the guest. The guest can donate these litres of water saved to one of our water projects of their own choice.

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