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MADE BLUE helps the fight against plastic pollution

Did you know most plastic waste floating around in our oceans, the plastic soup, is originating from only a few rivers in the world?

Rivers originating in developing regions in Africa and Asia carry the vast majority of plastic waste straight to the oceans. By making clean water available to those who need is most, MADE BLUE helps to eliminate plastic waste right at the source.

In developing regions, bottled water is often sold in plastic bottles or plastic bags and in small quantities: this makes it affordable to those having to make a living with less than a Dollar a day. When access to tap water is not available, cheap plastic bottled waters often are the best available option. That makes the lack of access to tap water one of the main sources of plastic waste pollution according to experts.

Together with many initiatives worldwide promoting water saving, supporting tap water use and with many NGO’s working along side Made Blue in construction of deep wells, pipelines and public water fountains, we aim at making a difference for those living at the bottom of the pyramid and together fight against plastic soup. Having realized 7 billion litres of clean water in developing countries, we eliminated billions of plastic bottles and bags no longer being needed.

Schoon drinkwater voor de minderheidsgroepen in Vietnam - Ba Thuoc district - Dien Quang - World Vision
For businesses there are many ways to join our mission: 

giving back the water that is saved (or used) by using your products or services,

enjoying chilled and sparkling water at work, straight from the water mains,

serving the best water for the world in hospitality

or adding an impactful story to your product.

1 litre of Made Blue Water
up to 1,000 plastic bottles / bags prevented
14 kgs of CO2-reduction
1,000 litres of clean water in developing countries

Join the fight against plastic waste, join MADE BLUE!