10 years of Made Blue

10 years of Made Blue!

February 12th, 2014 is our birthday. So this year, we are celebrating! It’s a good opportunity for us to reflect on our achievements and experiences over the past years. Join us, won’t you?

Travel back in time

From a completely different name and concept to welcoming our first ambassadors, the first million litres donated, visits to projects in Africa, milestones that followed each other in quick succession and welcoming new members to our team… A lot has happened in the past 10 years. Please take a look at all these highlights and more in our video. Perhaps your company will make an appearance!

436 million children still live with extreme water scarcity. Our goal is to provide access to safe drinking water to at least 10% of them, together with our ambassadors.

Machiel van Dooren, Co-founder Made Blue

Frank and Machiel 10 years Made Blue

Media attention

The platform Duurzaam Ondernemen wrote a beautiful article about Made Blue to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. In it, we discuss our achievements and plans for the future.

“Our dream is to conquer the world, and with our new proposition for the hotel business, we think we can! In five years we would like to have donated 700 billion litres to our cause. That amounts to access to clean drinking water for one million people, 75% of which are children”, says Machiel in the interview.

From the archives

We offer multiple services, solutions and products to our ambassadors. Right now, the Bottle Made Blue is our showpiece. But we’ve developed and tried many more products over the years. We’ll share the story behind these products – and wether they were a success, or not – on our social channels. So keep an eye out for those!

World wide impact

10 years of water projects

The most important achievement of the past 10 years is of course the impact we have been able to make, thanks to ánd with our ambassadors. We’ve been able to support ten different projects wold wide, of which four are still running today. Our involvement in projects in places like Kenya, Senegal, Indonesia and Vietnam ended quite a while ago.

We are still very proud of the impact we were able to make there. To celebrate these achievements, we’ll share some of our favourite stories in the coming days, weeks and months with you. Keep an eye on our social media channels for these.

Machiel in Uganda

Contribute to clean water for all

We are the Made Blue Foundation.
Our mission is clean water for all.
Will you help us achieve our mission?
You can do so in more ways than you might think.

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