It seems like an eternal discussion: does pure water hydrate better than caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea? Some health gurus claim that coffee and tea would dry you out and argue for drinking several liters of water a day. But what’s true about this? We investigated!
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Completeer met stoere RVS-flessen
How do you create a healthy working environment for your employees at the office? It is a problem that many managers are concerned about. After all, vital employees perform better, are more creative and more involved, and make less mistakes. With these quick wins you easily improve your working environment:
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Gekoeld kraanwater tappen
Making your hospitality business more sustainable is not only better for our planet, but most of the time also cost saving.
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Jamie Street - photo used bij MADE BLUE
What is the difference between source water, tap water and mineral water? In this blog we will explain you the differences!
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