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Ethiopia update: Completed succesfully

At the end of 2020, the project Making WASH everybody’s business in Ethiopia was successfully completed. Here you can read everything about the results and the impact of the project.

Vietnam update: construction started

In our project in Vietnam, the start of the construction work has been central in recent months and construction is now underway!

Update Said: Completion of phase 2

Phase 2 of this innovative project has been completed and much has been achieved and learned. Here you can read a summary of the results.

Vietnam update: local involvement

The local government and community are closely involved and co-responsible for the sustainability of our project in Vietnam.

Ethiopia update: Unexpected effects

We are working hard in Ethiopia to complete this project according to the so-called bicycle model. Corona has an unexpected effect here.

Update Said: IT and water

The upscaling of Said’s Water Vending Machines is unexpectedly successful and we still have to be patient. You can read about this here.

Ethiopia: video report impact journey

In 2020 we traveled to our project ‘Making water everybody’s business’ in Ethiopia together with a group of ambassadors. Watch the video report.

Vietnam update: responsibilities

The local government and community are closely involved and jointly responsible for the sustainability of the project.

Update Said: Selma from Simavi explains

For this innovative project in Tanzania we work together with implementing partner Simavi. Project officer Selma Hilgersom explains in a video what it is all about.

Ethiopia: Photos impact journey

Last month we visited our water project in Ethiopia with our ambassadors. Here you can read the daily reports and see the most beautiful photos.