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Two project updates, a big milestone for Blycolin, several new ambassadors and MADE BLUE in the sport. January 2021 was a great month for us. You can read all about it in this update.
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Water Vending Machine van Said in Tanzania
Phase 2 of this innovative project has been completed and much has been achieved and learned. Here you can read a summary of the results directly from our executing partner.
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The upscaling of Said’s Water Vending Machines is unexpectedly successful but still we have to be patient. You can read about this below.
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This water project is an innovation in the field of water distribution: you throw a coin into the machine, after which water comes out. Selma Hilgersom, who runs the project from Simavi, explains how important it is to involve the local population in such a project. “If you don’t embed an innovation like this in...
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The design and installation of the machine have been completed – including the solar panels, audio playback function in the machine and the lighting to make getting water after sunset easier and safer.
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MADE BLUE is on a mission: clean drinking water for everyone. To achieve this, we are mirroring daily water use in countries with a large water shortage in more and more places. We already do this at offices (water coolers), in the catering industry (table water) and at corporate companies (water footprint). This is how we make water from water and give it back in countries where water is not self-evident!