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het beste water voor de wereld
For a number of weeks now, you have been able to tap cooled and filtered water from a water cooler of the MADE BLUE Foundation in Hoog Catharijne. The water cooler is placed on a striking wall of no less than 6 meters high and 4 meters wide. Water tapping in Hoog Catharijne is free,...
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Did you know most plastic waste floating around in our oceans, the plastic soup, is originating from only a few rivers in the world? Rivers originating in developing regions in Africa and Asia carry the vast majority of plastic waste straight to the oceans. By making clean water available to those who need is most,...
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De pomp - Utrecht - MADE BLUE water - tafelwater, bronwater, kraanwater
At Made Blue we often refer to our water solutions as ‘the best water for the world’. That sounds quite pretentious so we’re happy top elaborate on that claim a bit further. First of all, we’re not pretending serving the best water of the world, we merely believe serving the best water for the world....
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MADE BLUE is on a mission: clean drinking water for everyone. To achieve this, we are mirroring daily water use in countries with a large water shortage in more and more places. We already do this at offices (water coolers), in the catering industry (table water) and at corporate companies (water footprint). This is how we make water from water and give it back in countries where water is not self-evident!