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Climate and water: will it be too dry or too wet?

Climate change affects our water management and that is an international problem. But what will it be: will we get wet feet or will it be too dry?

What is better? Serving spring water or local bottled water?

What is the difference between spring water, tapping water yourself with a water machine or water cooler connected to the pipe, and charity water?


If you want to achieve a sustainable quality mark as a hotel, restaurant or event center, it certainly helps to serve tap water instead of spring water or mineral water. You can read how that works here.

Why the best water for the world

Our solutions are not only very sustainable, they also have a huge impact nearby and far away. Why? We are happy to explain.

Water scarcity: a major future problem

A global water crisis is looming in the future. What are the causes and consequences of water scarcity? And can we still turn the tide?

Why a water tank in the office is not sustainable

You might think that a water tank or dispenser is a great system for chilled water.
Yet there are cheaper and more sustainable alternatives.

What is the difference between tap water, spring water and mineral water?

Natural mineral water, water of natural origin, spring water: a small selection of the terms that come to our attention.
What is the difference?

Mirroring your water footprint

Giving back the water you used or saved? We call this “mirroring your water footprint”. But how does it work?

Why water is better for your vitality than coffee and tea

Is water better for you than caffeinated drinks such as coffee and tea? Does coffee dehydrate you? We looked into it.

Why is local bottling of water sustainable?

Tap or bottle your own water using a tap water cooler.
That is much more sustainable than serving factory bottled bottled water.