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Two Rotterdam restaurants provide 55 million litres of water

In 2017, they were one of the first restaurants to opt for local bottled water with a contribution to clean drinking water in developing countries: Héroine and De Matroos en Het Meisje. Together, five years later, they already provided 55 million liters of drinking water in countries such as Ethiopia and Bangladesh.

The best water in the world on Kijkduin beach.

Machiel van Dooren from Made Blue talked to three beach bars on the beach at Kijkduin about the switch from bottled water to locally bottled Made Blue Water.


Enough Wasted! Enough Wasted! 013 Poppodium works together with the visitor for a better world and switches to hard cups and locally tapped tap water with the clear message of Made Blue.

The Dutch drink more and more water and more often flavoured.

The Dutch drink more and more water and more often flavoured. That may be healthy, but not as good for the environment if it is bottled water.

Made Blue ambassadors win Gaia Green Awards

How proud we can be! No fewer than three hospitality ambassadors of Made Blue were nominated for the Gaia Green Awards this year and two of them went home with a total of three prizes! View the winners here.

Why is local bottling of water sustainable?

Tap or bottle your own water using a tap water cooler.
That is much more sustainable than serving factory bottled bottled water.

How do you put water on the menu?

People are drinking more and more water, also with a flavour. But how do you put it on the menu attractively and with enough margin?

A water cooler reduces your operations with 60%

If you use a water cooler to tap your own water for your restaurant, it will save you a lot of time compared to serving factory bottled water: up to 60% according to our ambassadors.