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Vietnam: Virtual visit as completion (VIDEO)

Our project in Vietnam was recently completed but unfortunately we were unable to visit it ourselves. Instead, we were invited for a virtual visit.

WASH & Learn: involving the boys (VIDEO)

Our project WASH & Learn in Uganda goes a long way. So much so that the boys are also involved in making sanitary towels so that they understand how important it is for their classmates.

Update Max Tap Water: a running start

Our entrepreneurial project in Bangladesh is off to a running start. After all permits were completed, various existing installations were transferred to the new social enterprise to be set up, which already has 4600 customers.

Give me four beers and 300 litres of water

Enough Wasted! 013 Poppodium works together with the visitor for a better world and switches to hard cups and locally tapped tap water with the clear message of Made Blue.

How much water should you drink per day?

How much water should you drink per day to stay healthy? And can you drink too much water? Made Blue sorted it out for you.

Uganda update: Much more than just water

Our WASH & Learn project in Uganda is much more than just water. In this update we tell you about doing business with mouth caps, gardening with residual water and blue soap…

How can I donate a water well?

We regularly get the question: Can I donate a well? Unfortunately, it is less simple than you think and it is not always the best solution.

10 billion litres on World Water Day 2022?

As every year, we will also announce our meter reading on World Water Day this year. Have we reached the magical limit of 10 billion litres of clean drinking water despite the various lockdowns?

The best water for the world at Kijkduin beach

Machiel van Dooren of Made Blue talked to three beach bars on the beach in Kijkduin about the switch from bottled water to locally bottled Made Blue Water.

Water in the office: what are the options

If you want to enjoy nice fresh water at the office, possibly with a bubble, there are various options. We list them for you.