Join our mission

Dear Tennant team member,

Still, over 700 million people lack access to clean water. That means women and girls having to walk hours every day merely for fetching water that is often not even clean. For them it means no time for school or work and no perspective in life.

Closer to home, in the USA, 1 in 5 children do not drink any plain water during a day at school, and about half of school-aged children are underhydrated. 

We founded Made Blue Foundation back in 2014, enabling companies that produce or deliver water saving goods or services to give back their water savings or usage. We call this program One liter for one liter

With the i-mop only using 18 L of water per day in operation, we are delivering 18 L of water at schools across the globe, providing access to clean water and hygiene to the next generation. That means better health and improved learning for kids all over the planet. Thanks to i-team, we’ve been able to deliver over 1 billion liters of water to date.

Tennant Company has also been part of that journey for a little bit already. Your Benelux operation has joined our program starting in 2015 and giving back based on the deployment of equipment using ecH2O technology.  

Today we’re inviting you to join our mission, adding impact to i-mops and cleaning equipment no matter its color, being it i-Team blue or Tennant teal. We are aiming at improving the health of both US kids as children in Africa and Asia.

And there’s more. Behind the scenes we are working on a global campaign targeting cleaning companies to adopt to saving water while cleaning and at the same time giving back. We have already run this campaign with success in the Netherlands and we think it’s time to conquer the world to make even more impact.

By using water saving techniques, equipment, and materials it’s easy to save about 20 liters of water per hour. Cleaning companies not only save on water, but also on the use of materials, solution and labor cost. In this campaign cleaning companies worldwide will be called to give back these 20 liters of water to children at schools across the globe. Every water saving cleaning hour is covering for 5 kids at school for one full day at the costs of only half a cent.

Tennant and i-Team can be exclusive founding partners of the campaign, positioning you as supplier of choice when it comes to water saving cleaning equipment and solutions. You may trust on Made Blue for delivering massive impact at only very little cost and delivering full reporting and support on communications.

Very much looking forward discussing this in more detail. Let’s set a date!

Machiel van Dooren,

Co-founder of the Made Blue Foundation