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Waterproject Vietnam: update juli 2020

Before water can actually be tapped, a lot has to be done. Here you can read what we have recently done in Vietnam in order to realize a sustainable water supply.

We are well on our way

Together with the Ba Thuoc program team and the local government, World Vision Vietnam selected one party from the tender with a lot of experience and the necessary certificates for competence and quality.

The engineers of this party, Limited Company, have started reviewing and measuring topographic maps, examining the water source and designing the water system construction.

Een lokale ingenieur onderzoekt het terrein
De aannemer onderzoekt de ondergrond door middel van boringen
In collaboration with the Water, Sanitation and Environment Center of Thanh Hoa Province and Dien Quang Commune Program Management Board, the water quality has been tested with water samples. 16 of the 18 parameters tested within the standard.
A number of steps are being taken to guarantee the safety of drinking water: The immediate vicinity of the water source is protected (to prevent contamination of the water). The community is educated on the importance of environmental protection, proper waste collection, pesticide prevention and not grazing or drinking or livestock around the water source and upstream.

We also recruited a project officer. She started mid-May and will ensure good progress and implementation of the activities.

The project team has determined the location of the water pumping station, taking into account the ownership of the land and a good location in relation to the six villages.

Due to the Corona lockdown, not all training and meetings in the community could take place. As a result, the schedule has been delayed somewhat, but efforts are being made to catch up in the next period.

Basisschool docenten worden opgeleid om zelf voorlichting te geven
Basisschool kinderen krijgen voorlichting over water en hygiëne

Here you can see how one of the trained teachers is already working to educate primary school children on water and hygiene.

Initial discussions have been held between the local communities and the Dien Quang City Council on the establishment and operation of the maintenance committee consisting of representatives from the six villages. They are responsible for the (continued) functioning of the system and collecting a small amount for the water (water fee / water tax).