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Water project Vietnam: the preparations

There is a lot involved in setting up a water project properly. This is not without reason, because our projects go much further than just establishing a water supply. We find local involvement essential.

Actions up till now

Below you can read which steps have been taken in our latest project in Ba Thuoc in Vietnam to ensure that their effects will last forever. In this project we work together with implementing partner World Vision.

  1. Official letters have been sent to all partners at district and provincial levels to inform them of the implementation of the Water Project.

  2. The existing Ba Thuoc program team has been trained by Project and Finance teams from World Vision Vietnam on the guidelines and conditions of the activity implementation and reporting.

  3. The project document has been submitted to Thanh Hoa’s People Committee for the required government approval. The project plan has now been approved by them.

  4. The existing program team for this area has drawn up a ‘Terms of Reference’ and contacted the Water, Sanitation and Environment Center of Thanh Hoa Province to conduct a test in Feburari to test the current water quality.

  5. The project team, together with the personnel department of World Vision Vietnam, is recruiting a project officer who is specifically engaged in the implementation of the water project.

  6. The project team is engaged in the selection and tendering of construction parties to submit to World Vision Vietnam for approval.

Ba Thuoc Projectteam

The local project team

of executing partner World Vision