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The best water for the world... and for restaurants, hotels, meeting centres, offices, to-go and your business. Always ensuring 1.000 times as much clean water in developing countries and always tailor-made to your needs.

With MADE BLUE WATER you enjoy the best water for the world, for your guests, for your co-workers and for your business: you can count on us providing up to a thousand times as much clean water in developing countries… for every bottle served!

MADE BLUE WATER is sustainable like no other: less transport, less waste and massive CO2 emission reductions, nearby and far away.

Restaurants, hotels, wellness centres, offices, meeting places, catering companies or events: we’ll make it work in any situation.

Less efforts, lower costs.
Massive impact.
And way more sustainable.


Serve filtered, chilled & hot, still & sparkling water in our signature glassware, poured from a water cooler directly connected to the water main. Bottle your own water, at minimal cost, very sustainable and with massive impact.

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at work

Have your colleagues and guests use our beautiful equipment for enjoying filtered, chilled, still, sparkling and even hot water at the office, in a lobby, at a meeting centre, in the gymcanteen… anywhere!

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If a water cooler doesn’t fit or work for you, for example because of small volumes or extremely cramped spaces: not to worry! We have bottled some water on your behalf.

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The most sustainable packaging for water on to-go… with many options for custom prints: one-way pop-up cups with minimal waste or reusable water bottles.

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Some ambassadors:

  • ‘t Zusje

    “You see that guests are triggered by the message that is on the bottle ‘This is 700 litres of water’. Guests are always delighted that by ordering MADE BLUE water they can easily contribute to a better world.”

  • i-team global

    “It’s nice to see how our visitors react to our MADE BLUE storytelling wall as they enter our office. Especially when they also make use of the MADE BLUE decanters with fresh chilled and sparkling water during our meetings and events.”

  • Beachclub BIRDS

    “We want to tackle social responsibility in a way that not only the good cause profits, but our guests profit as well. It is great to see how our guests react to the way they contribute to a better world”.

  • HMSHost Schiphol

    “Our employees and guests enjoy chilled and sparkling water from a MADE BLUE water cooler. That is sustainable and refreshing. In addition, we are strengthening communication regarding our contribution to the One litre for One litre program.”

  • Hospitality Group

    “Eating and drinking is an important part of our vitality program. That’s why we use the MADE BLUE water system. We find that a very beautiful, sustainable and healthy solution.”

  • QO Amsterdam

    “We are extremely rich in the Netherlands with our drinking water. To contribute to this and to make our guests aware of this, we gladly work with MADE BLUE on our hotel rooms.”

  • Nedelko

    “We can definitely recommend partnering with Made Blue Foundation as a business. Besides the fact that you you support people living in developing countries, you also enjoy a nice cool glass of water in the office and an impactful story in your pantry. “

  • Héroine Rotterdam – Restaurant & Bar

    “It took almost no effort for us as entrepreneurs to start with MADE BLUE. There is a tap installed, decanters and bottles delivered and then we could start.”

Guests respond very positive!


People still lack access to clean drinking water.


Ambassadors are serving and drinking MADE BLUE water.


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