Update water project – Making water everybody’s business – August 2019

  • 9tap points have been restored
  • 18new tap point have been realized
  • 2299hoseholds have there own toilets and showers
  • 22lokal entrepreneurs have been trained

A lot of work has been done

In the suburbs of Addis Ababa, more and more people are being reached with new water supplies and information about hygiene and health. A lot of work has been done since our last update in May 💪

But we are not there yet, because this project will not be completed until 2020, when 140,000 people are expected to be reached.

This has been realized since May:

💧1 new tap point has been built
💧another 3 tap point have been restored
💧823 toilets have been built
💧22 local entrepreneurs have been trained for running the water and sanitation supplies
💧3 watershops have been built (public buildings with toilets, showers and tap points)

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