Three ideas on improving your work environment

How do you create a healthy working environment for your employees in the office? It is a problem that many managers are concerned about. After all, vital employees perform better, are more creative and more involved, and make less mistakes. With this quick wins you easily improve your working environment:

IDEA 1: buy your colleagues some fruit

Fruit at the office is booming! It is a very approachable way to stimulate the health of your employees. Fruit contains many fibres and it is often associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and other diseases (Source: Nutrition centre). People who eat fruit, drink less coffee and have more energy. Moreover, it is appreciated by the employees: research by caterer Eurest shows that half of the Dutch workforce thinks that the employer should offer fruit for free.

More than half of the Dutch workforce think that an employer must offer fruit for free.

From research by caterer Eurest

Uit onderzoek cateraar Eurest

IDEA 2: Promote an active working environment

“Sitting is the new smoking” – it’s a statement that you probably aren’t unfamiliar with. But why actually? A study from University of Leicester under 800,000 people has shown that the risk of health problems increases as you spend more time sitting. The study found that those who had been spending most time on a chairhad more than 2 times the chance of getting diabetes and nearly 2.5 times as much risk of cardiovascular disease. Of course, you don’t want that to happen to your colleagues! Therefore, ensure an active working environment with, for example, walking consultations or company yoga. Do you also want to take care of your colleagues after work? Then get them a subscription to the local gym!

Water op kantoor voor het goede doel

IDEA 3: serve chilled and sparkling water

Is drinking water already stimulated in your work environment? If the answer is no, then it is definitely time to make this move! Water is essential for several important processes in the body. These include nutrient absorption, waste disposal and controlling your body temperature (source: Nutrition centre). Drinking more water often means drinking less coffee and thus improved energy management. Sparkling water is a very good substitute for all those sweet soft drinks. In short, water is a must-have when it comes to the vitality of your employees!

clean water for all

Do you want to stimulate your employees to drink water while you support a charity? With the water coolers from MADE BLUE, you and your colleagues enjoy filtered chilled, still and sparkling water and at the same time realize 1 million litres of clean drinking water for developing countries each year. This is not only good for your employees, but you also contribute to access to clean drinking water for all!

Are you looking for the best water for your business and the planet?

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