The journey before the journey – Vlog 2 – Amref Flying Doctors tells about the program

Amref tells about the travel schedule

The journey before the journey

Only 47 more nights to sleep before we take our ambassadors on a trip to Ethiopia! We look forward to showing them where and how we spend their donations.

To share our excitement, we’ll be vlogging about our journey for the journey. We already shared our first vlog which was taken during our team weekend in the Ardennes, and in which Machiel and Frank told about their experiences in Africa. For this vlog we visited Hester van Amref Flying Doctors to hear more about the travel schedule and what to expect from it.

Are you an ambassador for MADE BLUE and do you want to travel with us?

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One more week and then we fly with our ambassadors to Ethiopia. There we show them how their donations are spent. Follow us on social media and stay tuned!
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