With more than 250 ambassadors, we are already making a considerable impact

bottling your water locally by using a water coolers is a more sustainable alternative for factory bottled water. This is de impact we make with all our ambassadors: 

1,000 trucks a year

Our ambassadors serve on average around 225 large and 75 small bottles of MADE BLUE water per month. These are approximately 4 roll containers that do not need to be transported every month. That means that together we keep about 1,000 full trucks away from the street, which prevents the mission of lot of CO2 emissions.

60% less work

When you bottle your own water, you no longer have to put bottles in the refrigerator or store crates. You no longer have to sort your deposit and you no longer need to go to the glass container. This not only saves a lot of space but also time: on average 60% according to our ambassadors.

28% lower purchasing costs

We work on a non-profit basis with a fair price for the equipment and glassware that you will lease from us. As a result, our purchasing costs are 21 to 35% lower, even including the donations for charity. On average that is 28% lower purchase costs. litres

Most importantly, together with our ambassadors, we have already achieved nearly 5 billion litres of clean drinking water in developing countries. That means that we provide at least 66,000 people with a good basis for a healthy life!

In deze video wordt nog eens uitgelegd welke milieu-impact water in plastic flessen heeft.

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